Coleen Nolan's sister Anne's turmoil as she finishes chemo while Linda faces terminal diagnosis

ANNE Nolan has revealed the bittersweet moment she finished chemo while her sister Linda faces a terminal cancer diagnosis.

The older sister of Coleen Nolan overcame breast cancer 20 years ago and was told by doctors the new grade three tumour in her left breast is curable.

Yet, Linda’s incurable cancer is in her liver, her third recurrence following breast cancer in 2006, cellulitis and lymphoedema in her arm in 2007 and secondary cancer on her pelvis in 2017.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, Anne, 69, shared her heartbreak over their contrasting outcomes.

She said: "Chemo was absolutely horrendous for me and I was so happy it finally was over, but at the same time I felt a terrible melancholy that Linda wasn’t ringing the bell with me.

"I started my chemo a week before Linda, so she still has one more round to go, but she said to me: 'Anne, I will ring the bell, but we all know my cancer is never going away.'"

"It’s desperately sad, but I can’t feel guilty because to feel guilt you have to have done something wrong, and although I’ve been told my prognosis is good, you can never tell with cancer."

Despite Anne's inner turmoil, she praised Linda, who is currently in hospital with non-Covid-related pneumonia, for her "amazing" positive outlook although "she doesn’t know if she has five years or 15".

In August, The Sun revealed the Nolan sisters were facing chemotherapy together.

Soon after returning home from filming their joyful hit TV series The Nolans Go Cruising in March, Linda, 61, and Anne both received devastating cancer diagnoses within days of each other.

Anne told The Sun she too is scared of dying, saying through tears: "I don’t want to die. I love my life so much.

“I love my daughters, my grandchildren, my friends, all my family. I want to live for as long as I possibly can. I am scared of dying as well.

“Even though I believe in God, I’m still scared.”

The sisters pulled together in a way only the Nolans can, with Maureen moving in with Anne to look after her and Linda relocating to sister Denise’s house.

Recently, Coleen revealed she is considering having a double mastectomy after Linda and Anne's diagnosis.

Telling how she is "consumed by fear" Coleen added to the Mirror: "The guilt is incredible, I don’t feel guilty for not having the disease; I feel guilty for being afraid of it when I think of Anne and Linda living with it.

"But of course it’s hard not to be consumed by fear when those so close to you have been affected."

Asked if she had considered a mastectomy to remove her breasts, she added: "Of course. Seeing what Anne and Linda are going through has made me think a lot about having a mastectomy.

"I’ve been lying in bed at night, looking down at my breasts and thinking, ‘Am I just walking around with two timebombs here?’ If that’s a possibility, maybe I need to get rid of them."

In 2013, their sister Bernie tragically died from secondary breast cancer aged just 52, despite having a mastectomy three years prior to her death.

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