Coronation Street character’s disappearance leaves David and Shona concerned

Coronation Street newcomer Natalie sparks concern next week when it emerges she’s disappeared.

The character’s whereabouts remains a mystery in the fallout to Nick Tilsley’s secret being exposed.

His gran Audrey Roberts finally learned he was the one who stole her £80,000 inheritance money.

David confessed how he’d helped Nick spend it on the barbers, and that Natalie was the one who drew the cash out of the ATMs.

Next week, David is keen to find her as she’s the only person asides him and Nick who know what happened.

Nick is claiming David was to blame for all of it, while David has confessed his part while also declaring Nick as the thief.

David knows that the only way to fully back up his story to the police is to get a statement from Natalie.

The only trouble is he soon learns she’s vanished, with him and fiancée Shona desperate to track her down.

Tracy Barlow reveals she dropped her off in her taxi at an address, with David bribing her to tell her the location.

When he and Shona arrive, their left stunned to learn she’s no longer there.

Not only that, but all her things have been cleared out the flat and she’s not coming back.

David and Shona amp up the search desperate to find her, wanting to expose Nick for good.

But has Nick got to Natalie, and will she return?

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