'Counting On': Should Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard Get Their Own Show?

DerickDillard and Jill Duggar have turned out to be the rebels of the Duggarfamily. Family followers would have never guessed that rule-following Jillwould be the one to break away from her family and make decisions that aremarkedly againstthe family’s beliefs. There she is, though, doing it. Now, fans would loveto see the duo get their own reality TV show, but should they open their livesback up to television cameras?

Counting On seems to be on its way out

There is reason to believe that Counting On may be onits way out. The Duggar family has worked with TLC since 2004, when the family’svery first special aired on the network. The network was even willing to workwith the family after back-to-backscandals led to viewer outrage. Things are a little bit different now,though.

The show has gotten pretty stale. After all, there are onlyso many engagements, marriages, and homebirths that one can stand to watch. DailySoap Dish alleges that the ratings are dipping because of it. Low ratingscould lead to the demise of the show. Although a season is reportedly currentlybeing filmed, it is looking more and more likely that the upcoming season couldbe the last.  

Do Jill and Derick want their own show?

Jessa Duggar and Joy-Anna Duggar have both taken to YouTube in recent months to share videos with their fans. The current interest in alternative revenue streams has led many followers to believe the family’s show is on the chopping block. While Counting On could be headed towards cancelation, another Duggar couple could potentially get their own show. Family followers are interested in seeing a show about Jill and Derick. They’d like the show to focus almost exclusively on how they’ve broken free form the family in recent months.

While neither Derick nor Jill have come out and suggestedthey are open to filming, Derick did like a social media post that asked TLC tohand Jill and Derick a reality TV deal, according to TVShow Ace. Derick has stated multiple times that’s he is interested inwriting a book and thathe’s currently in the process of drafting the memoir. How much that workwill focus on the Duggars, however, is unknown. If Derick is into the idea ofpublishing, it’s possible he could be persuaded into filming a reality TV show.That is if the price is right.

Would they deal with TLC ever again?

If Jill and Derick were to get their own show, it seems unlikelythat TLC would carry the series. Derick, in particular, seems to have some badblood with the network. He’s called them out on social media several timessince he was axed from the series back in 2017. His complaints about thenetwork have become more vocal in recent months.

Derick has accused the network of helping Jim Bob Duggar deceivethe Duggar kids. He also claims that he and his wife were threatened withlawsuits if they refused to continue filming. With all that in mind, it doesn’tseem like Derick would be keen on working with TLC ever again. It’s unlikelythat TLCwould take a chance on such a loose cannon either.

 That doesn’t meananother network couldn’t pick them up, though. It’s been years since they lastappeared on the series. It can be assumed that whatever contract they signed,many years ago, has likely expired or will be expiring soon. If that happens,other networks would be free to pick the couple up, if that’s something thatinterests them.

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