Don't Rock The Boat viewers distracted by James Cracknell's 'huge bulge' in his wetsuit

DON'T Rock The Boat viewers were left distracted by James Cracknell's "huge bulge" in his wetsuit last night.

Fans took to social media after the Olympic rowing legend entered the show sporting "revealing" legwear.

James, 48, caused more than a stir before he lowered the red crew's lead to 1 hour 22 minutes.

One viewer asked on Twitter: "what’s James cracknel got down his leggings? *asking for a friend"

Another fan penned: "Teams say hello to James Cracknell and his lunchbox"

As one more said: "Jaysus.. James you'll take someones eye out"

Legendary athlete Denise Lewis and world champion cyclist Victoria Pendleton also brought some professional muscle to Don't Rock The Boat this week, but Victoria was left in tears after being called "toxic" by Craig Charles.

The 40-year-old Olympian walked off-screen, her voice cracking after being slammed by the actor.

She said: "I know the finger is being pointed at me for being competitive. I'm born and bred that way.

"I feel absolutely hideous that Craig feels this bad that he can't get on and just prove us all wrong which is what I was hoping would happen today."

But the Red Dwarf star replied bluntly: "Victoria, with the greatest of respect, I've felt really uncomfortable.

"I've felt really awkward, I've felt really unhappy – and it's generally down to you."

Jack Fincham, watching from the blue team, simmed up the situation in his typical style.

The 29-year-old Love Islander said: "It's all gone t**s up over there, hasn't it?"

Don't Rock The Boat sees 12 celebrities rowing 500 miles of Britain's spectacular shoreline in two teams of six.

And while they started the show in high spirits, it seems the cracks have soon started to show as the physical challenge – not to mention terrible weather – takes its toll.

Don't Rock the Boat continues on ITV tonight (November 6) at 9pm.

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