Dragons’ Den: Deborah Meaden’s clash with Meghan Markle fan over ‘disgusting’ treatment

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The business entrepreneur is a long-term fan of the Royal Family and has defended them on multiple occasions. Meaden, who stars in Dragons’ Den tonight, has tried to unite royalists with republicans in posts professing to “love the Queen”. In a couple of instances, the BBC star faced backlash for responding to claims about Meghan and Prince Harry. 

This wasn’t the first time, Meaden caused a stir online. 

Following the death of Prince Philip on April 9, Meaden took to Twitter to reflect on his legacy and what she thought of the beloved Duke. 

While she had only met him “a few times”, she noticed he was “working tirelessly to improve the world and people’s lot in it”.

Meaden recognised this selflessness “each time” they met and noted much of his work happened “behind closed doors”.

She claimed there was “no fanfare” and “no media” attention for much of his work but recalled his desire to change the world.

The Dragon said: “Just that direct gaze of expectation… expecting you to join him and do more than just words.”

Despite her positive remarks, Meaden faced backlash including from one fan who wrote: “Every time someone praises him I roll my eyes.”

The individual said there was “so much tragedy in the world” and felt Philip’s “passing isn’t one of them”. 

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Meaden probed at the Twitter user’s remarks further by questioning: “Why? I appreciate anyone who does good work.”

The TV star has fallen foul of the angry mobs online a number of times in the past, most notably when she spoke about Meghan. 

One attack followed Meaden’s response to a user, who reiterated that Piers Morgan called the Duchess an “ego-crazed leech” after ‘Megxit’ was announced last year.

The post noted that Eamonn Holmes branded Meghan “incredibly irritating” and Brendan O’Neill said she was “insufferable”.

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After citing the quotes, the individual wrote: “My brain is about to explode from absolute irony overload.”

In response, Meaden tweeted to her own fans: “Ok, let’s test it. If I said, ‘ego-crazed leech’… who would you think of first? Meghan Markle or Piers Morgan?”

The business investor’s post was shared to her followers – she currently has 446,000.

In the majority of responses, Twitter fans claimed the description best fitted the Duchess rather than Piers.

But a few had other suggestions including Meaden, the Labour Party’s Jess Phillips and former US President Donald Trump.

Meaden’s tweet received 46,200 likes, 4,072 retweets and innumerous responses. 

However, one Meghan fan took particular offence to Meaden’s question – which the star used “to test” what the British public thought. 

The angry Sussex supporter wrote: “I think the way the British have treated Meghan is absolutely disgusting. 

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“Racism in this country truly exists; all this public bullying because of the little black blood that runs through her. 

“Heaven forbid if she were 100 percent black with African parents; our monarch would crumble!”

The response received 391 likes and a mixed response, including one from Meaden herself. 

The TV star wrote: “I don’t think it’s our monarchy.

“The Queen has clearly been supportive and embracing of the couple… it’s worse. It’s us. 

“We blame the press but they give us what we will buy.”

Meaden’s tweet, which received 1,500 likes, received similar praise and backlash including one person who wrote: “How do you know that?”

A second added: “Who cares? So many real problems in the world.”

A third argued: “Harry and Megan haven’t been very respectful to the Queen.  

“Using social media to release their statements before speaking to her. That’s not respect.”

Deborah Meaden stars alongside Peter Jones, Touker Suleyman, Tej Lalvani and Sara Davies in Dragons’ Den, which airs at 8pm tonight on BBC One. 

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