EastEnders fans horrified as Gray forces Chantelle to hold her breath underwater

EastEnders aired another chilling scene of abuse as evil Gray Atkins (Toby Alexander-Smith) forced wife Chantelle (Jessica Plummer) to hold her breath underwater.

Gray’s terrifying campaign of domestic abuse took another dark turn as he made Chantelle submerge herself in the bath for two minutes.

He falsely claimed that if she managed to stay under for long enough, it would ‘prove’ she loved him and their children.

Scared for her life and those of her kids, Chantelle did what Gray wanted while he timed her to see how long she stayed under, cruelly watching her struggle for breath.

The disturbing scene understandably upset and enraged fans, who made their feelings known on Twitter.

One horrified fan wrote: ‘I honestly want to cry everytime I see the Gray & Chantelle storyline. My stomach phsycially churns. No woman should ever have to go through that.’

Another posted: ‘That episode was so hard to watch… #Eastenders. Jess and Toby are making this such a hard hitting storyline and why it’s so important for it to be told. They are so brilliant at acting.’

A further comment read: ‘Ok, that episode of #eastenders has me shaking. That was horrifying. But so well acted and filmed. Solid 10/10.’

Referring to Chantelle’s tragic ending, one viewer said: ‘So hard to watch Gray and Chantelle scenes now knowing what’s to come.’

‘The scene in the bath genuinely made me lose breath for a moment. Gray’s face gave me the chills. I could literally see the gears turning in his head, the way he was probably thinking of holding Chantelle down and killing her… Awesome acting,’ one viewer tweeted, while another said: ‘Gray just made me feel physically sick, I love Chantelle. I feel so rubbish knowing how this all ends.’

EastEnders domestic violence – get support

Two thirds of women who were experiencing abuse from their partner/ex-partner in June told a Women’s Aid study that their abuser had started using lockdown restrictions or the Covid-19 virus and its consequences as part of the abuse.  (66.7% of those answering question – Women’s Aid Survivor Survey, June 2020).

At the height of lockdown over three quarters of women living with an abuser said they felt they could not leave or get away because of the pandemic. (78.6% of those answering question – Women’s Aid Survivor Survey, April 2020).

You can get support and information from Women’s Aid by visiting the website or contacting the free instant messaging service.

You can get support and information from Refuge – which holds a comprehensive and detailed guide to seeking help on the website.

The episode saw Chantelle realise that she needs to get away from her abusive husband and leave Walford within the day.

To help her escape safely, the hairdresser confided in Kheerat Panesar (Jaz Keol) to help her.

However we already know that sadly Chantelle will not manage to get away from Gray, as he is set to discover her plan and ultimately kill his wife.

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