EastEnders return for Robbie Jackson's ex Nita

EastEnders is bringing back Robbie Jackson’s (Dean Gaffney) ex and the mother of his child Sami, Nita Mistry for a one off episode next month that will see Robbie’s secret explode in dramatic fashion. Nita, played by Bindya Solanki, was last seen in 2003, when she and Robbie left for a new life in India together.

While they were away, they had a child Sami together but separated in 2015. Robbie is set to return soon with Sami in tow as he brings his son for a visit to Walford but it soon becomes very clear that he is keeping something back and acting strangely.

Hot on Robbie’s heels, Nita will turn up back in Walford – but what is Robbie hiding and why has Nita followed him back to the Square.

Nita is only set to appear in one episode as part of Robbie’s storyline but we are holding back on revealing the circumstances of her return and the events which precede and follow it.

Fans may remember that Nita arrived in the soap back in 2001, ntroduced by John Yorke. She began working at the Minute Mart and joined the local theatre company, initially loathing Robbie and looking down on him.

However, against the odds, love blossomed and it was only when Robbie arrived back in 2015 that he confirmed they had gone their separate ways.

Nita’s episode will air in June.

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