EastEnders spoilers: Suki Panesar attacks Honey Mitchell after she exposes the truth about their kiss

 SUKI Panesar threatens Honey Mitchell after she exposes the truth about their kiss next week in EastEnders. 

The shop owner has been forcing Honey to work night shifts after she rejected her kiss last month. 

Next week in EastEnders, Honey continues to despair about her enforced evening shifts at the Minute Mart and begs Suki for time off.

When Suki refuses to cut Honey any slack, Honey reaches the end of her tether and accuses Suki of trying to punish her. 

When Honey tells Jay and Billy that she can’t go to Miami with Janet, Jay grows suspicious.

When Jay questions Suki, she tells him that Honey hasn’t been performing well lately, leaving Jay fuming. 

Later in the week, Honey finally admits to Jay that Suki tried to kiss her – and that she rejected her. 

Jay goes running to Kheerat who refuses to believe him and, seeing red, ends up slamming Jay against a wall.

Later, Kheerat tells Suki about Honey’s accusations and confronts Honey for lying.

Later, Suki pays Honey a visit and, despite Honey assuring her that she has nothing to be ashamed of, Suki slaps her before threatening to destroy her.

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However, Honey makes clear that she holds all the power, telling Suki she’ll tell everyone about her part in Jags' death.

How will Suki react?

Later in the week, Honey tells Billy that she is going to Miami with Janet.

But after another shock development, Jay suggests calling the Minute Mart head office to get even with Suki.

Will Honey accuse Suki of workplace bullying?

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