EastEnders spoilers: Tiffany Butcher in danger as Dana's brother arrives and takes an interest in her

TIFFANY Butcher catches the attention of Dana’s brother Aaron next week in EastEnders.  

Newcomer Aaron – who is played by former Hollyoaks star Charlie Wernham – will clash with Liam Butcher when he sets his sights on Tiffany. 

Harvey tells Dana that he’s been fired following his racist behaviour towards customer Ash Panesar, and she reminds him that he needs to be careful about what he says. 

Later, Harvey manages to clear the air with Ash, but Peter is furious and throws him out.

Battling a guilty conscience for lying about her relationship with Bobby, Dana prepares to come clean to her dad.

However, before she can, Harvey finds out from Kathy that Dana has been at Bobby’s – and hits the roof.

When Harvey finally calms down, Dana insists that he needs to make amends with everyone he has upset, and then she’ll help him get his job back.

Meanwhile, Tiffany tries to get Whitney to open up, but they’re interrupted by Dana’s brother Aaron asking for directions.

Aaron bursts into the cab office – much to Harvey’s delight.

Dana, however, clearly isn’t as impressed to see her brother.

At the pub, Aaron gives Harvey some bad advice and snaps at Dana for contradicting him, leaving her embarrassed.

Later, Aaron tries to flirt with Tiffany but clashes with Liam in the process.

Meanwhile, Harvey fills Aaron in about Bobby and Dana, but will Aaron start to meddle?

Aaron later asks Tiffany out on a date and, after a bit of persuading, she agrees.

Could Aaron be trouble?

Talking about his character, actor Charlie Wernham told Digital Spy: "Aaron is a young lad who's very confident. He works in the city, he's got a lot of money and he likes to splash it about.

"You can expect quite a lot of fun scenes where he's trying to be the life and soul, being confident, winding people up, having a laugh with people and being a bit flirty with some of the girls.

"Aaron is an enjoyable character to watch, but he's got a lot of opinions and he likes to have the last word. He's also quite dominating over his sister. He's a protective brother over Dana and he looks at himself as the man of the house.

"Aaron is trying to take control of the situation and do right by everyone, but he can be overpowering. He does that in every situation."

Hinting at trouble, Charlie added: "Aaron is a bit like Marmite when people first meet him. A few people will like him and there's a few people who he'll rub up the wrong way, which is what you want.

"You want people to talk about it and hopefully it causes some discussions among fans of the show – whether they like him or whether they don't.

"I think he's definitely going to kick up a bit of a storm when he comes in and hopefully provide a different dynamic for the Monroe family as well."

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