Emmerdale fans convinced Jamie Tate is going to seduce Gabby Thomas after Andrea clash

JAMIE Tate has had his fair share of romances this year in Emmerdale – but fans of the show are convinced another is on the cards.

Soap viewers have taken to social media to reveal who they think Jamie's (Alexander Lincoln) latest conquest will be as the New Year approaches.

Seeing the breakdown of his relationship with wife Andrea after his affair, Jamie turned to lover Belle Dingle for a fiery romance earlier this year.

He was forced to confess to his crimes – a hit-and-run involving Moira Barton – putting their relationship was on the rocks.

Blaming Belle for the incident and seeing the the fling come to an end, fans watched on as Belle's mental health spiralled out of control – with Jamie facing the wrath of her family.

With a lot on his plate, the vet has been out to seek comfort in a new relationship, and fans are convinced it's with Gabby Thomas (Rosie Bentham).

"I have a weird feeling Jamie and Gabby are going to get together and I’m kind of excited," wrote one fan. "I think they would actually make a decent couple, or it will just go wrong…"

Another agreed: "I’m so convinced Gabby and Jamie are gonna get together and I’m kinda here for it to be honest."

"I honestly have a feeling Jamie and Gabby will get together for some reason," a third wrote.

After a tumultuous Christmas fighting to see his daughter, and cuts to his staff at work, Jamie is seen being comforted by Gabby – something the fans picked up on.

"Uh oh," concluded one viewer following the scene. "So will Gabby get all obsessed with Jamie now?"

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