Emmerdale fans heartbroken as truth of Al Chapmans death unfolds in flashback

Emmerdale fans were left in tears Monday night (November 7), as the truth about Al Chapman's murder was finally revealed.

Cain Dingle is currently facing a life sentence the murder of Al, after he confronted him in a barn over the affair with Chas Dingle, and supposedly shot him.

However, Moira and Amy learnt the truth about Al's murder tonight, as Cain and son Kyle recounted the events of that fateful evening in a flashback episode.

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Cain had previously dropped the bombshell that Kyle killed Al at the end of Friday's episode (November 4), with the flashback episode opening with Moira saying to Cain in prison: "Not Kyle… he wouldn't upset or hurt anyone."

She continued to tell him: "Do you realise what you have just told me?" before asking: "What the hell happened?"

The scene quickly switched to Kyle revealing to Amy that he had shot Al, with Amy saying: "What your dad did, it was a terrible, terrible thing."

However, Kyle replied: "But he didn't do anything… it was me. I did it. I shot Al."

The flashback scenes saw Kyle follow dad Cain to the barn, where Cain and Al came to blow over Chas' affair.

Kyle could then be seen picking up the shotgun that Cain had threatened Al with, shouting: "Get away from my dad."

Although both Al and Cain tried to calm him down, Al moved towards Kyle, leaving the youngster scared and falling backwards – firing the gun in the process.

Kyle could be seen breaking down in tears to Amy as he told the truth, saying: "I didn't mean to do it," adding: "He came at me, I fell backwards, the gun went off, it all happened so fast.

"I'm the bad guy now aren't I. I'm a monster. I'm sorry."

Desperate to protect his son, Cain could be seen running from the barn after Kerry discovered him standing over Al's body, and hugged Kyle as he told him: "I might be going away for a while, so you're going to have to be the man of the house now."

The emotional scenes left fans in tears as the flashback events unfolded, with one saying:

The episode continued as Cain told Moira that he never intended to kill Al, and that if he "could go back and do thinks differently, [he] would" but that he wanted to protect Kyle.

However, Kyle was desperate to help his dad, begging Amy to tell the police the truth about the incident.

He could be heard saying: "I'll tell them. I'll tell them everything. That it was me. I killed Al. It was an accident."

Although Amy told him: "I'm sorry sweetheart, that can't happen," only time will tell if the truth about Al's murder will be revealed in the future.

Fans were left emotional as the end credits rolled, with some sharing their thoughts on Twitter.

One fan penned: "Wee lad playing Kyle is great. If Cain was in my face like that I'd be In a ball in tears."

Another added: "Oh my lord @emmerdale what have you done to me. What an episode…jeez man…best episode of #emmerdale ever

A third person said: "That was a powerful and heart breaking episode."

Emmerdale airs weeknights on ITV

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