Emmerdale fans sure Jamie Tate is mum Kim’s mystery poisoner in ‘set-up’ twist

Emmerdale fans are certain they've rumbled the identity of Kim Tate's mystery poisoner – and it's a lot closer to home than it first appeared.

Suspicion appeared to be firmly placed on Will, after Noah found a box of diazepam tablets in his toolbox – the same drugs that had been found in Kim's bloodstream.

But fans are now convinced that it could be son Jamie poisoning her, even after Kim told him about the suspected plot to convince her she had dementia.

Jamie had snuck into Will's place to inspect the toolbox, and left his mum a frantic voicemail warning her to stay away from Will.

"It's not safe for you to be around him, Mum," Jamie warned. "We have to go to the police. He's got to be stopped."

But fans are certain this has just made Jamie look more suspicious, as they suspected he is "setting up" Will to take the fall for his behaviour.

"Was it Jamie poisoning her all along?" someone wondered on Twitter, as another fan said: "I think it's Jamie who is poisoning Kim and he's trying to set Will up… or maybe I'm overthinking things!"

"Jamie's trying too hard to deflect it onto Will so it's gotta be him," someone else chimed in.

A fourth viewer penned: "Could be Jamie and he's trying to frame Will!"

Later in the episode, Kim thanked Jamie for his unwavering support, and promised that her whole business would definitely fall to him.

"[Will's] the last person I thought would do this to me!" Kim told her son as they sat together at Home Farm.

"When the time comes, your loyalty will be rewarded, Jamie. You'll get everything I have," Kim vowed.

But it appeared she might have her own doubts about her son, as she added: "Nobody messes with me and gets away with it. No matter how close they are."

"You would think with Jamie and Dawn being on Kim's CCTV 24/7 that Kim would know a lot more than she's letting on with Jamie," one viewer theorised. "She could be spinning him a yarn."

And later, it appeared to become clear that Jamie was the culprit, as vet Paddy confronted him over using "too many" pills for Kim's horse.

"Admittedly it's taken longer than I thought," Jamie told Paddy, as he expressed concern over the horse's wellbeing. "But the diazepam's done the trick."

His use of the drugs even tied in with Kim's plan to expose her poisoner – as he would soon be finished with them.

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