Emmerdale spoilers: Andrea Tate disappears with Millie after exposing cheating Jamie and Belle to the village

ANDREA Tate does a runner with Millie after exposing Jamie’s affair with Belle to the whole pub next week in Emmerdale.

Jamie has been cheating on Andrea for months but is worried that breaking up with her could lead to him losing his daughter. 

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Emmerdale fans know that Andrea has been feigning innocence ever since she discovered Jamie’s affair earlier this month.

Hiding behind a bush during an Easter egg hunt, she was horrified to hear her husband confessing his love for Belle. 

But Andrea decided to bide her time and plot a way to get Jamie back in her clutches. 

Viewers recently saw her whisk Jamie away on holiday in an attempt to rebuild their marriage. 

But when they return in episodes set to air this week, Andrea’s high spirits are shattered when she discovers that Jamie’s affair is still going on.

Enlisting Leyla’s help, a furious Andrea finally vows to get revenge on her husband for treating her so badly. 

Sure enough, next week’s episodes of Emmerdale will see Andrea plot ways to tear Jamie and Belle apart. 

And when Leyla collects phones during the pub quiz, Andrea takes the opportunity to pocket Belle’s phone. 

The pub falls silent as the quiz screen is filled with a screenshot of private texts between Belle and Jamie. 

Andrea pretends she had no idea about the affair and runs off in disgust as Jamie looks at Belle in horror. 

Will Jamie believe it was all Belle’s doing and dump her?

Later, Jamie fears the worst when he notices that Andrea and Millie have disappeared. 

He continues to worry when Tracy reveals that Andrea hasn’t taken her car or any of her money.

Has Andrea actually done a runner or is she just teaching Jamie a lesson?

Anna Nightingale – who plays Andrea on the ITV soap – has hinted that Belle better watch her back when it comes to Andrea's revenge.

Speaking to Metro, Anna said: “She will be thinking of her daughter, so I don’t think she’d do anything to jeopardise her but blind rage can make people do crazy things."

She added: “I think she would find it heartbreaking to see them together if they stayed as a couple, so she may set her sights on breaking them up.

"She’s learnt a lot from Kim and her stealthy approach to implementing revenge.”

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