Emmerdales Isobel Steele celebrates her 22nd birthday after Liv Flaherty exit

Emmerdale's Isobel Steele celebrated her 22nd birthday on Wednesday 28 December after her character Liv Flaherty was tragically killed off the ITV soap earlier this year.

Taking to Instagram, the actress, who is currently living in London, shared a collection of celebratory posts from her nearest and dearest.

In one snap, Isobel shared a picture of hot beverages at a coffee shop, which she captioned with "22" and a birthday cake.

While the actress' former co-star, Bradley Johnson, who plays Vinny Dingle on the ITV soap, shared a sweet birthday post on his Instagram.

In one video, it sees Isobel dancing on the Emmerdale set with Stevie Wonder's Happy Birthday playing.

With a different post seeing the actress hide behind a coffee cup in an optical illusion, captioned: "Have a cracking day @isobelsteelee."

It comes as Isobel's character Liv was tragically killed off the ITV soap earlier this year as part of the terrifying storm week.

Liv and husband Vinny were left lifeless after being crushed by a caravan while making their way to The Woolpack to look after Paddy Kirk's daughter Eve.

Vinny was able to free himself from the wreckage but Liv was left trapped and unable to get out, as she tearfully said: "I can't feel my legs."

Liv's brother Aaron Dingle was quick to run to the scene as he attempted to free her but Paddy, who is a vet, warned them not to as it will cause more damage until the emergency services arrive.

After an agonising wait, the paramedics and fire department finally arrived as they gave Liv pain relief before they were seen giving a serious talk to Paddy.

Vinny and Aaron were quick to ask Paddy what was happening and why Liv wasn't being moved, to which he emotionally explained: "They can't because where it's hit, it's pinned her down…

"It means the caravan, it's hit her really hard… it's crushed her lower body."

Vinny was quick to start sobbing as he demanded they can't leave Liv trapped and had to get her out, with Paddy pointing out: "It's the only thing keeping her alive."

Asking if she'd be okay, Paddy replied: "I am so so sorry… there’s nothing they can do."

Vinny was left devastated as he argued: "She’s still alive though, they can’t just do nothing!" with Paddy insisting: "You haven't got long, you need to say goodbye!"

He then ran off, refusing to believe the news as a paramedic explained that Liv wasn't in any pain and they'd made her comfortable, pointing out they couldn't do anything to save her.

Aaron was first to say goodbye as Liv heartbreakingly asked him if she was going to be alright, to which he lied saying: "They're doing everything they can, yeah you’re going to be fine!"

He added: "I couldn't ask for a better little sister, I love you so much."

Vinny then came over to say goodbye as he told her about all the future travel plans they were going to do with their pet animals.

To which Liv said: "I'm so lucky to have you, I don't want to leave you" with Vinny replying: "Wherever you go next we'll be together again, I promise, we're soulmates."

Liv, who realised she was dying, then said: "I love you Vinny, I never knew anyone could make me so happy…" as she closed her eyes and died.

To which Vinny started sobbing as he held her in his arms, shouting her name, with the episode ending.

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