Everything to Know About the Upcoming Disney Live-Action 'Snow White' Movie Starring Rachel Zegler

Calling all Disney fans, join me as we have a lot to talk about! While fans were very excited about the recent news of the Beauty and the Beast prequel series coming to Disney+, honestly? What I’m about to drop on you will be “the fairest of them all.”

That’s right, the next big Disney live-action movie is none other than Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs! So yeah, go ahead and start humming “Whistle While You Work” as you continue reading this piece…

The original animated movie found great success when it debuted way back in 1937, and it even received an honorary Oscar just two short years later, so Rachel Zegler’s upcoming turn as Snow White herself is bound to draw a similar crowd.

Here’s what we know so far about the upcoming Snow White live-action film:

What will this version of Snow White be about?

Glad you asked! If you happen to remember the events from the 1937 film, then you pretty much got the gist. And according to Deadline, we’re about to get an “expanded” telling of the original story. It’s worth noting the cartoon *did* take inspiration from a Brothers Grimm fairytale, so maybe watch out for a few more ~mysterious~ elements the first movie didn’t have. I know I’ll be sleuthing around while watching.

Cool! Who is in the Snow White cast?

You know the upcoming West Side Story movie that’s due out in December 2021? Well, this film is about to share a main lead! Everyone, meet Rachel Zegler!


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Believe it or not, Snow White will only be Rachel’s third professional acting project. Ever! Talk about star power.

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