Game of Thrones: Sansa Stark star Sophie Turner STUNNED by season one poster giveaway

Game of Thrones viewers were left a little perplexed when a vote was cast in the final moments of season eight episode six for the new king of Westeros.

After many years of speculation, the person to eventually sit on the (now destroyed) Iron Throne was Bran Stark (played by Isaac Hempstead-Wright).

As if that wasn’t strange enough, it turns out the final ruler of the country was teased in the show’s first poster.

The image in question sees Ned Stark (Sean Bean) brooding on the Iron Throne holding his Valyerian steel sword, Ice.

However sat next to him on the arm of the chair was none other than the Three Eyed Raven – otherwise known as the alter-ego of Bran.

This was recently pointed out to Sansa Stark star Sophie Turner during a press junket for X-Men: Dark Phoenix – and she was utterly stunned by it.

Jessica Chastain – Sophie’s co-star in the aforementioned film – revealed this to her, saying: “You know the poster for the first season? Do you know what’s on it?

“So it’s your papa on the thrown – and there’s a raven on the throne!”

After a second Sophie realised what that meant before gasping and clutching her mouth.

Previously she had mentioned members of the crew hadn’t seen the final episodes of Game of Thrones just yet, so she went on to shush her colleague and add: “We can’t talk about it!”

Earlier on in the interview Sophie mused that perhaps a hint towards Sansa’s story was teased early in the show.

She explained in the first episode Sansa told her mother she “wants to be queen some day”.

This obviously is exactly what happened, as Sansa was crowned queen of The North after claiming independence for Winterfell and northern counties.

Recently, a clip of Varys actor Conleth Hill learning the fate of his character went viral online.

Fans of the show were loving how Conleth was reacting to his character’s apparent snub.

Speaking out on Twitter one wrote: “The look of disgust from Conleth Hill, with Emilia Clarke looking on after Varys became dumb and suddenly careless. Lena Headey with that awkward smile as well, these reactions are everything.”

Another said: “Good Morning, here’s Conleth Hill’s relatable reaction to the season eight script if your feeling down.”

While a third added: “Conleth hill’s reactions at the reading table was a whole mood in real life and while watching season eight.”

Unfortunately for fans, Varys didn’t see a redemption before the end of the series.

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