Get to Know Justin Glaze, the First Guy Katie Kissed on 'The Bachelorette'

Katie Thurston’s season of The Bachelorette is already completely unhinged, like, to the point where she met a dude in a cat costume on night one. Personally, I did not have that on my 2021 Bachelorette bingo card, but here we are! And frankly, I blame the lasting influence of Cats the movie musical, and specifically James Corden, but MOVING ON.

This season is obviously going to be a lot of fun (in part thanks to Tayshia Adams and Kaitlyn Bristowe hosting!), but ultimately Katie is here for one reason and only reason only: fame to find love in a sea of eligible bachelors. Which brings us to Justin Glaze! Justin is definitely ~one to watch~ this season and something tells us (spoilers. spoilers tells us.) that he’s going to go pretty far. Here’s everything we know about Justin as we dive deeper into this absolute chaos! Hooray!

Justin Is an Investor AND an Artist

In a true Best of Both Worlds™ situation, this dude has what ABC describes as a “great career in investment sales” over in Baltimore, and he’s a talented artist. I mean, we all saw him paint those amazingly realistic roses during The Bachelorette premiere, right? It’s called talent!!!

A post shared by Justin Glaze (@justinglaze)

A post shared by Justin Glaze (@justinglaze)

^Love that he did this one for a good cause!

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Please note Katie was very impressed by Justin’s rose art and his paint brush entrance, during which he made many jokes about “stroking,” sigh, and she even gave him her first kiss of the night. As he put it during an on-camera confessional, “Sharing that first kiss with Katie was incredible. I could feel the chemistry already. Feelings are starting to develop, she definitely left me wanting some more.”

He Has Very Specific Taste in Soulmates

According to a lengthy musing the poor person tasked with putting together ABC’s contestant bios wrote, Justin (whose parents have been married for over 30 years!) is looking for “someone who is equally beautiful on the inside and out, trustworthy and committed to the idea of teamwork in a relationship. She’s passionate about fitness, but also loves to enjoy a day barbecuing and a good bottle of Sauvignon Blanc.”

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Noted! Especially the part about wine ’cause same.

The Craziest Thing Justin Has Done for Love Is….

Travel from Baltimore to New York City in the middle of a freakin’ blizzard. In other words, he WILL brave the elements and potentially freeze his ass off for you.

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He Does! Not! Dance!

To quote his ABC bio, “Justin does not like to dance. At all.” So, if you see him at a local dance club, don’t you dare ask him to hit the floor with you because the answer is no!

Kay, quick break because…


Justin Makes It to Katie’s Final Four

Reality Steve reports that Justin—along with Greg “Twitter Thirst Trap” Grippo, Bachelor Nation alum Blake Moynes, and football player Andrew Spencer—are Katie’s final four contestants. Congrats, friends!

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