Grant Shapps to donate any pay rise to charity amid MPs £3k salary row

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Transport Secretary Grant Shapps has said he believes MPs’ pay should be included in the public-sector pay freeze, and that if he were given a pay rise he would give his share to charity because it would be “the right thing to do”. It comes as MPs are set to receive a £3,300 salary increase this year. The pay rise would boost their salaries from £81,932 to £85,232.

Speaking on ITV’s Good Morning Britain, Mr Shapps said: “I think MPs should only be paid in line with what other public-service workers are being paid and if we are given a pay rise, I will pay mine to charity, that’s my decision.”

He added: “Public-sector workers, many are facing perhaps a three-year pay freeze, the right thing to do is that politicians should not be taking a pay rise.”

Mr Shapps said if he receives a pay rise, he will be donating his to charity.

Asked which charity, the cabinet minister said it is likely to be one of his local charities in his consituency.

Boris Johnson has made it clear he believes MPs should not be getting a pay rise next year amid a widespread expectation the Government is about to order a public sector pay freeze.

The Prime Minister’s official spokesman said that he did not consider a pay hike for MPs was right in the “current circumstances”.

However, the Government has been facing a growing clamour to block the rise after it emerged last week Chancellor Rishi Sunak is set to announce a pay cap for millions of public sector workers in the spending review on Wednesday.

Asked whether the Prime Minister was happy for the rise to go ahead, his spokesman said: “MPs’ salaries are obviously decided by an independent body, but given the circumstances, the PM doesn’t believe MPs should be receiving a pay rise.”

Yesterday Health Secretary Matt Hancock had a 20-minute row with ITV’s Piers Morgan over whether he would accept the pay rise.

The ITV host said: “Just say you’re not personally going to take a penny!”

As the Health Secretary attempted to dodge the question saying he will have to “see what the final recommendation is”, Piers asked again: “Why do you have to wait to see? Why can’t you just say now you won’t take a pay rise?

“Just say it!”


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Mr Hancock replied: “I promise to commit to coming back on this programme immediately after that decision.”

Piers continued: “No, no, no, no. Health Secretary, this is not a difficult question.

“I don’t care if they give you one pound extra. You know as well as I do that no member of this Government in particular in a year of a global pandemic when we have the worst death toll in Europe and the worst economic meltdown in Europe, none of you should be taking a penny in pay rise.

“So I simply ask you again, given as you rightly said that after the financial crash nobody did, are you prepared to lead right now on Good Morning Britain, put your hand up and say ‘I will not take a penny’?”

But Mr Hancock insisted: “I will answer this question when firstly the pay policy is set up by the Chancellor because there is lots of speculation in the newspapers…”

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