Grantchesters Robson Green says there is a secret reason he always carries his hat

Grantchester: Robson Green reveals there’s a ‘secret’ under his hat

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Robson and his co-star Al Weaver are currently filming for season seven of the hit drama. The duo spoke with hosts Susanna Reid and Ben Shephard about the upcoming series on Thursday’s Good Morning Britain. Appearing via video link, the actors explained they were struggling to film because of the fog. As they discussed the show, Robson, who plays Geordie Keating, spoke about why he always carries his iconic hat with him while filming.

“I have carried this hat with me in every single scene for seven years,” Robson told the hosts as he showed them his hat.

“And for the series that is going out now you find out why because I carry a secret literally under it.

“It comes to play towards the end of the series.

“It is incredibly moving and incredibly powerful. Beautiful stories and beautifully acted.

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Ben weighed in: “Robson, you’ve been doing it since 2014 and you’ve always carried the hat.

“Did you know there was a reason you were carrying the hat, or did you think that the costume department were just sort of winding you up all the time?”

The actor replied: “Me and Daisy chatted. We were going through the storylines as we all do.

“It’s very collective and we talk about storylines and where we want the characters to go.”

He continued: “And I said, ‘Let’s have a reason of why he carries his hat.’

“And the reason is incredibly moving and what is under this hat has a catastrophic effect on the relationship he has with his wife and with Al’s character, Leonard.

“And of the course, the lovely Tom Brittney who plays Will Davenport.”

Elsewhere in the chat, Al spoke about the heartbreaking storyline his character, Leonard Finch faced at the end of season six.

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The actor’s character was convicted for homosexuality in season six.

Speaking about the storyline, Al admitted as an actor it was tough for him to film.

He said: “To have the system attack you for being who you are and who you want to be.

“One of the most emotional things filming that actually was when we got to prison, I arrived in the courtroom with my lawyer.”



“There was a bunch if placards outside saying ‘Homosexuals are the devil’ and things like that,” he added.

“As an actor it was profound and moving because I’ve never felt that sort of hatred.

“All these people shouting, ‘Go home, you’re wrong, you’re a sinner.’

“As an actor it was really horrible actually.”

Good Morning Britain airs weekdays at 6am on ITV.

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