Home and Away’s Ziggy and Dean reunion ‘sealed’ as Tane love triangle escalates

Home and Away's Dean Thompson (Patrick O'Connor) has discovered that he still has feelings for his ex Ziggy Astoni, played by his real-life girlfriend Sophie Dillman.

Dean got back together with his ex Amber, who he shares son Jai with, but it didn't take long for her to realise that something was amiss between them.

As she noticed that there was still a spark between Dean and Ziggy, he eventually admitted that he was still in love with her, prompting Amber to decide to leave Summer Bay.

Later, Ziggy is stunned when she hears Amber and Jai have left, and assumes that Amber has become unnecessarily paranoid about her relationship with Dean.

However, when she offers to help him, Dean admits to her that Amber was tight and he is still in love with her, leaving Ziggy gobsmacked.

Ziggy is still in a relationship with Tane, but as she decides to keep Dean's confession to herself, could this mean there is still something between the pair?

They split last year when Dean confessed that he was an accomplice to Colby in Dean's murder, leaving Ziggy heartbroken as she realised her boyfriend had been lying to each other for months.

Whilst they both moved on with other partners, they still seem to keep getting drawn back each other, but will Ziggy be able to finally move past his huge betrayal and give things another go?

Speaking to Daily Star about the revelation and potential reunion, Patrick teased: "I think they'll find their way back… They're always drawn back to each other.

"They have a really good balance in their relationship because they're also friends, they compliment each other, but she's also thinking that Tane has never lied to her or let her down, whereas Dean has in the past.

"Ziggy has got a big decision to make, but only time will tell – I think viewers would like to see them get back together."

Speaking about what he would like to see happen for his character Dean in the future, Patrick said: "I think a bit of comedy would be great for a bit, he has had a pretty rough 12 months, it would be good for him to have a bit more of a rest.

"Maybe something a little less heavy – and give people what they want and to get back with Ziggy, I'll call the writers now!"

Could Dean and Ziggy end up getting back together as she realises she still has feelings for him too?

Home and Away airs weekdays at 1.15pm on Channel 5.

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