Jeremy Clarkson scolds Who Wants to Be a Millionaire caller What a dismal answer!

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire: Jeremy mocks 'dismal percentage'

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Jeremy Clarkson returned with a new episode of ITV’s Who Wants to Be a Millionaire this evening and he kicked off the show by welcoming back contestant Jeevan. However, when the player found himself struggling with a question, The Grand Tour presenter hit out as one of his ‘Phone a Friend’ options and branded his colleague’s response “dismal”.

Last week, Jeevan finished the show after his £1,000 run and returned to complete his game this evening. 

After reaching an impressive £32,000, Jeevan came unstuck with his £64,000 question.

The contestant asked Jeremy to set his safety net at £64,000 but needed to answer his question correctly to bank the money. 

He was asked: “A woman holding aloft a shining torch is the logo most associated with which film production company?”

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His options were Columbia, Touchstone, Paramount and Orion. 

Jeevan immediately told Jeremy his gut instinct was Columbia but he wanted to use his ‘Phone a Friend’ lifeline. 

Jeremy called up James who told his friend he was sure the answer wasn’t Paramount and could be Columbia.

However, when pushed to reveal how confident he was, James noted he was only 40 percent certain.

Scolding the caller, the former Top Gear host swiped: “What a dismal percentage, 40 percent.”

Jeremy chuckled before adding: “I mustn’t laugh because it’s an awful position to be in.”

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