Johannes Radebe on the hardest thing about Celebrity MasterChef ‘The timings were crazy!’

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Celebrity MasterChef is well underway and Strictly Come Dancing’s Johannes Radebe is set to take to the kitchen in an upcoming episode. The professional dancer explained exclusively to how being on the road and practicing for shows meant he had very little time to cook and when he did get the opportunity he would spend a few hours creating something. So what was the hardest thing about the competition? The “crazy” timings apparently. 

As for why Johannes wanted to take part, he said: “I wanted to prove to myself I can do it! 

“The I first heard about it, [I was like] ’No, I’m not doing it’ because I wasn’t very confident in my cooking. 

“But I couldn’t miss the opportunity because my family are the biggest fans of the show and I know they would come at me from a dizzy highs if I turned away this opportunity. 

“So I was not only doing it for myself but also for my family,” he added. 

As for how much experience Johannes has in the kitchen, he revealed: “I don’t normally cook for people, I’m always on the road traveling. 

“And when I do get an opportunity I’ll aways have something in the kitchen, so I didn’t go into the competition with lots of confidence. 

“It’s something I had to [find] because I was nervous, I was nervous because I kept on thinking ‘Surely I can’t do this’. 

“But also the thought of what could be excited me,” the dancer added. 

Speaking about his ideal thing to cook, Johannes said: “I make mean curry and that’s just because it’s just simple to make but also delicious and tasty. 

“I subscribe to different online websites that give me recipes and I put things together. 

“I think that MasterChef has taught me to be adventurous and that is exactly what I have been doing ever since I left the show.” 

He expanded on what he had learnt while taking part in the show: “Honestly, being adventurous with food and not being scared of food – food is fun! 

“It’s not a boring activity, I’ve always seen it as ‘Why should we eat this food?’ 

“Food prepared brings people together, first and foremost and there’s nothing like that feeling of accomplishment after you’ve created something beautiful and tasty. 

“And I love food and the opportunity now to have a full set of utensils and pots and pans – I can’t tell you what it’s done for me!” he exclaimed.

The Strictly pro went onto discuss the hardest thing about the show: “I think the hardest thing was whipping up a meal within an hour with no glass of prosecco or music playing in the background! 


“And you have to deliver and your competing against other people and that was the thing for me, the timing issues, the timing was crazy – I’ve never had to cook anything within an hour, always a couple of hours.” 

But the “surprising part” about being a contestant is that he didn’t have any disasters. 

“You’re able to whip up something when the time comes!”

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