Jordan North’s mum Wendy denies he’s faking fear on I’m A Celeb and predicts he’ll fail eating task by vomiting

JORDAN North’s mum Wendy has denied that he’s faking fear on I’m A Celeb and predicts that he’ll fail tonight’s eating task by vomiting.

The Radio 1 star, 30, left fans in hysterics after he faced his fears by taking on The Vipers Vault challenge.

Jordan, who previously admitted that snakes were his biggest fear was left petrified, saying: "I've never been this scared in my life."

Speaking on I'm A Celebrity… The Daily Drop, Wendy said: "I've been through absolutely every emotion possible tonight.

"When I saw him at first I just wanted to give him a big love."

Inside each vault was five locked safes, each containing a star that would earn a meal for camp. North and Richie had to work together to find the codes for the safes.

The pair managed to score nine stars, securing their final one with seconds to spare before the klaxon sounded the end of the trial as Jordan kept thinking of his "happy place".

Wendy continued: "I can't believe he's gone from such fear into actually getting nine stars. It's amazing."

Wendy has denied that her son is faking his fears admitting that he is scared of "everything".

Co-host Vick Hope asked Wendy if she knew her son had those fears before going in, she replied: "I did, I know that he absolutely hates snakes.

"He hates heights, he hates snake, he hates ghosts. In fact he's scared of quite a lot of things. Lets just hope no ghosts pop up."

Jordan left fans horrified when he vomited in the launch show after he was told that the celebrities would be abseiling down a cliff to collect their bags before moving into the castle.

The radio star threw up in the surrounding grass area and later shared his embarrassment at the moment, saying: "I can't believe I was sick, I've only been here five minutes and I'm puking up already."

However, he managed to power through his fear and completed the trial in the end – with all 10 celebrities retrieving their bags.

Wendy joked that he'll need a strong stomach tonight as he takes on the stomach-churning Frights of the Round Table challenge.

Wendy added: "Well, I know Jordan, he has got a very strong gag reflex. So I knew that was probably going to happen at some point.

"There will be lots of vomit involved, I can just see it now. I can't even imagine, it's awful because I don't know whether to vote for him or not, I don't know if I'm doing the right thing."

The stars mum couldn't help but beam with pride at her son's achievements so far.

She said: "I'm so super proud of him, I don't care where he comes, he's definitely the kind of our family castle and that's what counts."

Jordan will be facing the eating trial alongside Vernon Kay and Bev Callard in tonight's episode.

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