Josh Duggar hand photos he wanted dismissed 'reveal scar that matches images on device used in child pornography case'

PHOTOS of Josh Duggar's hands that he wanted dismissed in his child pornography case reveal a scar that matches images on the device allegedly used in the crime, court records say.

Josh, 33, was arrested and charged with possessing and receiving child pornography in April. He has denied any wrongdoing. 

As The Sun previously reported, Josh’s legal team filed a motion to suppress, which means to not be used in court, “photographs law enforcement took of Duggar’s hands and feet while requiring him to pose for the photographs in custody.” 

Josh’s attorneys claimed authorities “did not have a warrant which authorized the taking of the photographs” and that they were taken without his lawyer present. 

The court filing provided the three images taken while Josh was in custody on April 29, 2021. 

In the photos, Josh has his hands stretched out over his feet, as the pictures are taken from an angle above him. 

The court papers argued that law enforcement “must obtain a warrant which permits photographing a defendant’s body parts (other than a simple booking photograph) and to permit requiring a defendant to pose in a particular manner for these types of photographs.

They called it “egregious” that Josh’s body parts were “manipulated and he was required to pose for the photographs.”

Josh’s team called the photographs an “intrusion on [his] personal rights” and ask they be removed from evidence. 

The Sun can exclusively reveal the government is responding by demanding the judge deny the request. 

The court papers claim Josh “expressly consented to having the photographs taken.”

The papers continued: “The photographs document a scar on the defendant’s hand, which is plainly visible. 

“Law enforcement observed the same scar in images recovered from the defendant’s electronic devices seized pursuant to a search warrant in this case.”

The documents continue to allege that the photographing of his hands “did not constitute an unreasonable or warrantless search of the defendant” and that  “his hands were in plain view and clearly visible.”

He was not ordered to remove an article of clothing for the photographs. 


This comes after The Sun reported Josh denied accepting a plea deal in the case. 

Josh was offered a plea deal in March, weeks before the arrest.

Prosecutors filed a motion in opposition of Josh’s request to “suppress evidence,” which means it can’t be used in court, including all evidence seized from his car lot in November 2019. 

The exhibit attached to the filing includes an email from the government to Josh's lawyer that reveals they were offered a plea deal. 

In a March 12 email to Josh’s attorney, the prosecutor attached the Government's “proposed documents," including the “Plea Agreement” and "Waiver of Indictment," which means he would proceed directly to a plea. 

The email read: “The plea agreement contains a statement of facts, which should be a good summary reference when you are reviewing the discovery material. 

“Significantly, Duggar’s cellular phone-including text messages he sent and pictures he took places him at the car lot on the date/times the child pornography images were downloaded and distributed.”

The prosecutor then sent a “recap” of their meeting at Homeland Security regarding the proposed child pornography plea offer. 

The government showed Josh's legal team the images and video of child pornography allegedly found on his computer. 

The government offered a review of “all the child pornography images discovered during the forensic search,” but that offer was “declined.”

There was no oral agreement as to sentencing.

Josh did not accept the plea deal, as he was charged with two counts of child pornography just weeks later. 


In August, Josh filed a motion to dismiss the case because the investigation allegedly ”proceeded without lawful authority,” as his team claimed the head of Department of Homeland Security was occupied by two people “without lawful authority” at the time.

They also claimed the government did not preserve evidence that could exonerate Josh, including interviews and phone findings from three witnesses. 

The prosecutor asked the court to deny Josh’s request to dismiss the case. 

As The Sun reported, Josh pleaded not guilty to the two child pornography counts. 

Josh requested the court postpone his July trial date “in or after February 2022.”

The trial has been reset to November 30 and has the potential to last until December 3. 


The former 19 Kids and Counting star is currently on home confinement until his trial and is living with third party custodians LaCount and Maria Reber, who are longtime friends of Jim Bob and Michelle. 

Josh is residing in a massive mansion in Elkins, Arkansas with the Reber family. 

The Arkansas judge on the case ordered Josh to wear a GPS ankle monitor.

Josh’s wife Anna, who is pregnant with their seventh child and due in the fall, is standing by her husband and has visited him with their children. 

Josh has unlimited access to his children with Anna present.

The family’s reality show Counting On, which Josh has not appeared on, was canceled in light of the scandal.

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