Kate Lawler fights back tears as she praises newborn daughter Noa's bravery as she remains in hospital on antibiotics

KATE Lawler teared up after praising her baby daughter Noa's bravery as she remains on antibiotics in hospital.

The Virgin Radio DJ, 40, has had an emotionally draining 24 hours after the newborn was rushed to A&E with a badly inflamed finger.

Sharing a picture of the tiny tot, she wrote: "I'm in awe of this little lady's strength and bravery."

A teary-eyed Kate, who was dressed in leopard print loungewear, gave her fans an update on her Instagram story.

She said: "The doctor's been in. Noa's responded really well to the first round of antibiotics and her finger looks less red than it did when we came in last night.

"Unfortunately Boj [Kate's fiance] can't visit because of Covid only one parent is allowed to be here.

"Hopefully Noa an I can come home later tonight. She just needs to show progress from the next round of antibiotics."

Kate previously posted a picture of little Noa hooked up to medical tubes and wrote: "It took eight attempts to get her cannula in.

"That's eight needles into a different part of her hand and foot until they were successful. We have to stay 24 hours. I need to sleep."

She explained that she called 111 after finding the baby's fingertip "red, hot and swollen".

Kate said: "Was told to bring her straight to A&E to get it seen to as it's infected."

Doctors later diagnosed Noa with a condition called paronychia – an inflammation of the skin.

Kate updated fans, writing: "It's an infection of the finger and it's being treated with antibiotics via the cannula.

"She slept well from 4am, she looks healthy so hopefully it's a sign she's responding well."

It is the second time the pair have wound up in hospital getting urgent care this month.

Kate welcomed Noa 11 days early on February 11 and explained at the time that her daughter was taken to the neonatal intensive care unit as she was having issues with her breathing.

The tot is her first child with partner Martin, who she affectionately calls Boj.

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