Katie Price accused of photoshopping snap to make her waist smaller as she boasted about results of lipo and bum lift

KATIE Price has been accused of Photoshopping her snap to make her waist smaller as she boasted about results of lipo and bum lift.

The 41-year-old shared a picture of herself wearing a crop top and leggings and gushed about much she loved her face and body – admitting she wanted more work.

But the wonky car grill behind her was a giveaway to fans that she'd perhaps altered the image.

In a now deleted post, she wrote: “10 days since surgery my face still swollen and already over the moon with my face !

“My body still few weeks away from seeing any result but so happy Thankyou @comfortzonesurgeryofficialcan’t wait for future procedures.”

In the picture, mum-of-five Katie can be seen posing with son Junior wearing a matching red tracksuit.

She later changed the caption and wrote instead: “My body is getting there after surgery thanks to @comfortzonesurgeryofficial red hot.”

Her waist looks much smaller, while her face looks younger than ever.

One fan said: "Oh come on ! Your photoshop skills are worse than mine !!!"

Another joked: "Good job with the photoshop. Keep it up, a new career ahead."

Someone else said: "Dont be fooled by this picture. It's been badly photoshopped. Look at the car grill behind her!"

Katie headed to Turkey to get lipo, a facelift and a Brazilian bum lift earlier this month as she continues her quest for the perfect body.

The star later surprised fans when she emerged looking bruised and sore following the extensive treatments.

She has documented the whole gory process for the new series of her reality TV show, My Crazy Life, which will be back on TV soon.

Katie's 20 years of surgery

1998: Breast augmentation takes her from a natural B cup to a C. She also had her first liposuction.

1999: Katie then had two boob jobs in one year, going to a D cup, then an F.

2006: She goes under the knife again to take her up to a G cup.

2007: She had a rhinoplasty and veneers on her teeth this year.

2008: In a surprising u-turn, she had her boobs reduced to a 32C.

2011: Then went back up to an F cup, and got body-contouring treatment and lip and cheek fillers done the same year.

2015: After an infection, she had her breast implants removed.

2016: But changed her mind and had more implants, Botox, and lip fillers.

2017: She then had her disasterous 'threading' facelift, and her veneers replaced.

2018: Katie went under the knife with Dr Plovier as shown in the video.

2019: Katie gets lipo, facelift and Brazilian bum lift in Turkey.

An insider revealed: “Katie has started on the new series, and already the cameras have seen her rowing with Kris, breaking up, getting back together and everything they’ve been through after her surgery.

“Katie’s never been shy about sharing her ups and downs on TV, so the cameras will get every part of her recovery from the surgery.

“You’ll see the infections, the stitches being taken out, what state Katie was in when she came round from the lipo, facelift and Brazilian bum lift – and how her mum reacted.

“She says she’s going to put the record straight on everything that anyone has said about her, but we think she’ll end up revealing a lot more on top of that.”

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