Katie Price says her mum reckons her bum 'looked like a shelf' after surgery but insists she's NOT addicted

KATIE Price has revealed her mum compared her new bum to 'a shelf' after she underwent brutal full-body liposuction surgery.

The former glamour model travelled to Turkey for a string of surgeries before revealing the results live on air on Good Morning Britain.

Katie, 43, told ITV hosts Kate Garraway and Alastair Campbell that while she was pleased with the results, her mum Amy was less than impressed.

Speaking candidly about the intensive plastic surgery, the mother-of-five admitted Amy, 69, "had a go at her" after she had a procedure on her bum.

"I thought you were going to have a go at me like my mum," Katie told TV host Kate, 54, as she introduced her on the show as "looking great".

She went on to explain of the surgery: "I had full body lipo, and I had some of my own fat – I didn't have bum implants – put into my bum.

"Now my mum says, 'Oh my god, your bum looks like a shelf now, we're going to put all the glasses on there', and I'm like, 'Whatever, mum!'

"She said it sticks out and looks like a shelf and I'm like, 'Mum, it's still swollen', but 'oh no, it looks ridiculous'. Alright, mum."

Despite having full-body liposuction, and surgery on her face, she isn't addicted to going under the knife – instead comparing it to "an MOT".

"If you get a scratch on your car, you fix it," she defended her choice. "I'm not trying to look younger, and I definitely don't want that alien look."

She continued as she insisted she wasn't thinking to go any further: "I could go over the top, but I don't want to look like a freak."

"I'm not addicted, but it's out there and if I feel like I need to freshen it I would," Katie clarified as Alistair, 64, asked her if she was hooked on it.

"If people want to say I've got body dysmorphia, just say it – even my mum says it, 'You need to see somebody! You're not normal in the head, are you?''

On the show, Katie also defended her decision to travel to red list Turkey for the cosmetic procedures as she was challenged by Dr Amir Khan.

The media personality insisted she "followed protocol" as the TV medic criticised her for "not prioritising the health and lives of everyone around us".

Suggesting the surgery was integral to her job, Katie said: "I'm working, doing my YouTube. I had my two Covid jabs, did all my PCR tests, you have to follow protocol.

"I knew going to a red country I'd literally be in hospital, then we flew to an amber country and stayed in a villa in the middle of the hills away from everyone, then came home.

"We didn't muck about at all, it's serious – and it's hard work to do a red country, and I wouldn't have done it if I hadn't had two jabs."

Amir wasn't convinced, with he and Kate – whose life has been greatly impacted by the coronavirus pandemic – arguing that Katie should have waited until the pandemic was over.

The mother-of-five hit back: "I have work so for me it's my work. I'm not doing it to be silly, I'm fully booked and I want to feel good on camera."

Amir replied: "With all due respect, I'd say we have to prioritise the health and lives of everyone around us."

The Sun previously revealed unrecognisable Katie just hours after waking from her dramatic body revamp.

We told how she woke to be told she would need a transfusion — but refused fearing Covid from the blood.

Katie also admitted her fears that she'd been left looking like a monster after seeing the results for the first time.

The former glamour model brands herself a “surgery veteran” after three facelifts, and liposuction as many times.

She’s lost count of her boob jobs — thinking it’s around 12, and says Botox no longer works for her as she has had it so much since 30.

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