Katie Price's son Junior Andre teases new song as he heads to the studio with dad Peter

KATIE Price's son Junior Andre has teased a new song as he headed to the studio with dad Peter.

The 16-year-old is set to be following in his pop star dad's footsteps after signing a record deal with Columbia records earlier this year.

Junior was seen dancing along in the background as Peter played fans a snippet of his new track.

Peter, wearing a cap, bopped his head along to the catchy upbeat track as he teased: "Stay tuned."

The Sun revealed he has already written and recorded a number of songs in the studio after landing a deal with well-respected label Columbia Records this year.

In one of the vibrant tracks he sings about getting with girls and wearing designer clobber.

In one hilarious lyric, he even claims to have had women name-dropping his chart-topping dad in a bid to chat him up online.

Junior rapped: “You must be mad, that girl keep callin’ me baby, that’s crazy. We don’t vibe like that.

“Messaging me on socials, says she knows my dad. Lol… What you mean relationship? You ain’t my girl. I married the cash.”

The teenager is co-writing all of his songs and brags about wearing Louis Vuitton clothes and giving out Rolex watches on his song Roller Coaster.

He raps: “You tell me that, you tell me this, I put a Rollie on your wrist. Matching Louis, hers and his.”

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