Katy Perry's fans go wild as her fiance Orlando Bloom's ex-wife Miranda Kerr comments 'love you' on singer's Instagram

MIRANDA Kerr has proven she has one happy blended family with Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom, as he tells the singer she "loves" her.

Katy shared a series of pictures on Instagram of her amazing cow-print costume for her return to American Idol which kicked off production on Monday.

In reply, Miranda commented: "Omg you're amazing! Love you," and fans went wild to see their friendship play out.

"Both of you are fabulous women," shared one fan as another added: "This is so refreshingly wonderful."

One ecstatic fan commented: "Women supporting women, love to see it."

Miranda was previously married to Katy's fiance Orlando but they divorced in 2013; Miranda and Orlando have one son together, nine-year-old Flynn.

Orlando and Katy began dating in 2016 and split a year later before reconciling in 2018.

Orlando proposed in 2019 and they welcomed their daughter Daisy on August 26 2020.

Orlando recently gushed over Daisy's looks as he claimed that she looks like a mix of him and his mom with Katy's blue eyes.

The actor continued to talk about how he actually chants a Buddhist mantra to Daisy that he himself also says each morning when he wakes up.

The father of two said: "So now, I would just walk into her room and she hears my voice, and it soothes her, and when I have her, I sorta just chant in her ear, it's rather sweet.

"And Katy's like, 'What?' It's like I'm a baby whisperer, so I'm definitely winning the daddy points."

Katy, 35, was glowing as she returned to the set of American Idol six weeks after giving birth.

The singer – who has been very vocal about her life as a mom these days – will follow social distancing guidelines along with her fellow judges Lionel Richie, Ryan Seacrest, and Luke Bryan.

The talent show, which kicked off production on Monday, will accommodate to social distancing guidelines.

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