Kylie Minogue returns to UK after nine months apart from boyfriend Paul Solomons in Covid lockdown in Melbourne

KYLIE MINOGUE has finally reunited with her boyfriend — after nine months apart.

The Aussie pop star dodged lockdown in the UK when she headed back to her homeland in December.

But now her native Melbourne is under stringent restrictions again — and I have learned she flew back last week to the UK, which has been her home since the early Nineties, following her longest stint Down Under in more than a decade.

It means she has been able to see Paul Solomons, who she has been dating since 2018, although her time in Australia has raised questions about where she sees her future.

I have been told she enjoyed her time with her family in Oz so much that she is now contemplating spending far more time there. Paul was unable to join her on the trip due to travel restrictions and his high-powered job as creative director of GQ magazine.

But he has recently quit the role, which could give him the opportunity to travel more with the Spinning Around singer. A source said: “Kylie had a lovely time in Australia but never intended to stay so long, especially as it meant time away from Paul.

“It has made her think about whether she sees her future there or in the UK. Her parents and her sister Danii are there. Equally though, she has her boyfriend, pals and career in the UK and feels like she will be able to travel much more easily when Covid restrictions ease worldwide.

“She has returned to London now and is about to dive back into music, so there won’t be any rash decisions yet. But it has raised some questions.”

Kylie’s UK base is a luxury development and her neighbours include fellow ex-Neighbours star Holly Valance and her billionaire hubby Nick Candy.

I can see why Kylie would want to carry on living in the exclusive central London building.

Australia’s sun, sea and sand does seem like an attractive prospect, though.

But with no real end in sight to Covid restrictions in Oz, I’m confident we will be able to claim Kylie as an honorary Brit for a while longer.


MEGAN FOX outshines boyfriend Machine Gun Kelly even when he’s wearing a tracksuit covered in sparkly jewels.

The couple strolled hand in hand through New York on Tuesday following appearances at the MTV VMAs then the Met Gala.

But Megan wasn’t tired of dressing up, judging by her electric blue jumpsuit.

She said: “I’m not afraid to be sexy. A woman who is intelligent and also knows how to weaponise her beauty . . .  there’s nothing more powerful.”


IF you want to book Grace Jones for your next bash, you need deep pockets.

I can reveal the kooky singer has a bumper rider costing £10,000 for her performance at the This Is Icon fashion event founded by Helen Giorgio tomorrow.

Attended by showbiz royalty including Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell, the event raises money for children’s charity WellChild and the NHS.

Grace has requested more than £1,200 of Louis Roederer Cristal Champagne and wine, as well as oysters and sushi platters.

She also wants seven nights in a five-star presidential suite at a luxury London hotel.

They should have called me, I’d have hula-hooped on stage for a free dinner and a pint.

Too close to call

IT will be a photo finish in tomorrow’s album charts after Steps closed in on Manic Street Preachers.

The Welsh band’s album, The Ultra Vivid Lament, was 3,000 copies ahead of Steps’ What The Future Holds Pt. 2 on Monday but that has narrowed to 1,500 sales.

With Steps on the promo trail, it’s going to be too close to call.

Sir Rod’s top of the shops

HE may be worth £200million but Sir Rod Stewart still likes to do his shopping on the high street.

The music legend told me he has shunned big designer labels in favour of more affordable shops.

Speaking at The Sun’s Who Cares Wins awards in London on Tuesday he said: “I love Zara. I love the cut of their clothes. I can just grab trousers and a jacket and put it on and it looks good.”

Rod recently reunited with his Faces bandmates Ronnie Wood and Kenny Jones.

The group, who have written 14 new songs, will play gigs including at London’s O2 Arena and New York’s Madison Square Garden.

The wardrobe department won’t have to pick up anything for Rod.


GLITZY US award shows look fun, but Ed Sheeran can put you right.

The singer, snapped with Rihanna, Madonna and Justin and Hailey Bieber heading into a party hosted by Scooter Braun in New York on Tuesday, spilled the beans on Sunday’s MTV VMAs in the Big Apple.

He said: “The room is filled with resentment and hatred towards everyone else and it’s quite uncomfortable. In England our award shows are just like, everyone gets drunk and no one really cares who wins or loses, it’s just a good night out.

"But the first time I went to the VMAs . . .  All the artists are sweet but they’re surrounded by entourages that want them to win too. You’ve got each artist surrounded by ten people and everyone is giving each other the side-eye, going, ‘I want this’, ‘No, I want this’. It’s a really horrible atmosphere.

“I always walk away feeling really sad and I don’t like it. I hosted the MTV EMAs in 2015 and I met all the artists. I said to all of them, ‘Look, I’ve rented the top floor of this hotel. You can come with one mate but don’t bring any entourage’. It was just a good atmosphere.

“I did that after the VMAs this year. I rented a dive bar in Brooklyn and Camila Cabello, Shawn Mendes and Jack Harlow came down. It was cool.” It’s a hard knock life for these celebs, eh?


EX-FLEETWOOD MAC rocker Lindsey Buckingham has called off his divorce from his wife of 21 years.

Interior designer Kristen Messner filed court documents to end the marriage in June but the couple have now reconciled.

Guitarist Lindsey, who has three kids with Kristen, and was fired from the band in 2018, said: “A lot of relationships were somewhat tested by the lockdown.

“Over the last year Kristen felt she needed some time to herself, and I have been completely supportive of that. Kristen and I agree that is the best course to follow, focusing instead on working on our relationship.”

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