Lorraine criticised as she gushes to James Newman despite calling hit ‘rubbish’

Lorraine Kelly has as been blasted for her chat with Eurovision Song Contest UK star James Newman with some viewers calling her "two-faced."

While interviewing singer-songwriter James on her ITV daytime show on Wednesday morning, the Scottish presenter was called out online for being a "hypocrite" as viewers recalled some previous scathing comments about his Eurovision performance.

James came bottom of the leaderboard in the Eurovision with nil points on Saturday after performing his song Embers.

On Monday morning, Lorraine came out with her thoughts and didn't hold back while live on air.

She said: "Poor old James got zero, zilch, nada, nothing in Rotterdam this weekend.

"We all used to vote for who we liked, and then they took it away from the public because obviously were too stupid and ever since then we’ve been rubbish. That’s all I’ve got to say about that."

Viewers were left scratching their heads when Lorraine complained about the unfair result and said that James was "a heck of a lot better than that German act dressed as a finger"

Fans quickly rushed to Twitter to accuses the ITV star of hypocrisy.

One tweet read: "Wait, didn’t #Lorraine gush over the German song and slate James Newman on Monday?"

Another complained: "Just listened to #Lorraine gushing away to James Newman, after saying his song wasn't very good the other day. So two faced."

A third social media user said: "#lorraine talking to #JamesNewman. You are so two faced after s******g him off last time about nil points.

Musician James had a great attitude about his score on the show though, shrugging it off as he moves forward with his career.

He said: "What can you do? We went there, we tried our hardest.

"The best thing was when the crowd went absolutely nuts when they said nil points!"

He continued: "You just can't tell, can you? Writing songs for people, you can't tell if it's gonna connect with people.

"It was such a great time, I wouldn't have changed it for the world."

James’ high spirits and positive attitude carried the interview as he spoke about how he had only gotten into music to sing music for people.

"Coming home to see that my song was No 1 on iTunes – everything has a silver lining" James said with a huge smile on his face.

Lorraine airs weekdays on ITV at 9am

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