Love Island fans react as Indiyah Polack forgets partner Ikenna Ekwonnas name

Love Island's Indiyah Polack struggled to remember her partner Ikenna Ekwonna's name on Tuesday's episode during a chat with Amber Beckford.

During a conversation on the benches, the villa babes sat down to discuss their feelings on the first day and whether they were experiencing any connection with their beaus.

Amber, 24, who's coupled up with Irish islander Dami Hope – who went on to kiss Indiyah, lamented that she felt he hadn't been "grafting" with her.

"I feel like that with all the boys here!" Indiyah, 23, exclaimed. "There's no graft. Like with Ik-anu…"

Cutting her new housemate off with a puzzled frown to match, Amber immediately started laughing at Indiyah's mistake.

"Sorry what did you just call him?" she exclaimed, as Indiyah struggled to remember: "Is that not his name, no I really want to be respectful," she said. "What is his name?"

"You don't even know," she chastised Amber, who also couldn't quite remember the villa contestant's name, and attempted: "It's Ik… a… I K K A. Something like that."

"Begins with I. Anyways," Indiyah moved on. "He's good looking, tall, lovely, but not tingling. He's good looking but I'm not like 'mmmm I really want to rip your clothes off'.

"But, he's a nice guy. Do you know what I mean? But just because you're a nice guy doesn't mean you have a connection," Indiyah said sadly.

Despite hearing her new friend's concerns, London nanny Amber tried to assure Indiyah it was still early days on the show.

"I just don't want you to fully close the door on him," she begged, and Indiyah insisted she "100 per cent" wouldn't.

Later, Indiyah reflected on her earlier thoughts in the Beach Hut, as she explained she wanted to get to know her partner but "take things slow".

"I want to try not to cut him off," the hotel worker added.

Taking to Twitter, one person said: "Not indiyah and amber not even knowing ikenna’s name #LoveIsland" with crying emojis.

A different account put: "The fact amber and indiyah don’t know ikenna’s name #LoveIsland" with laughing emojis.

Another follower wrote: "The fact that indiyah and amber dont know ikennas name im dying #loveisland" with crying emojis.

While another show watcher added: "Indiyah doesn’t even know his name #LoveIsland" with crying emojis.

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