Love Island fans spot producers dig at Jake in toe-curling Liberty boat date

Love Island fans have took to Twitter believing that they have uncovered a "shady" move by ITV producers.

Eagle-eyed viewers were quick to highlight a possible clue that flashed up on screens during Thursday's teaser clip.

We were shown, Jake and Liberty looking very awkward together while they whizzed through the sea by yacht – the final date they'd always "dreamed" of.

However, online users spotted what could have been a subtle hint that the pair were over for good.

Taking to the digital platform fans pinpointed a "red flag" that swooshed in the wind at the back of the water vessel.

One Tweet read: "They put a red flag on Libs boat.

"I love this subtle shade to Jake," followed up with a laughing emoji and "#loveisland".

However, a follow up response questioned whether it was just the Bermuda flag – with no ulterior motive.

The post was liked by thousands and was re-shared by 55 people.

Meanwhile, it has been revealed that Liberty and Jake will announce to their co-stars that they will be leaving the villa on tonight's show – just days before the final.

In Thursday's episode, Liberty told Faye: "I've just got to be true to myself and I can't do this.

"It's nothing against Jake and it's nothing against me but I can just tell that I'm giving him the 'ick' over little things like being messy and I would rather walk out being me."

She added: "If I'm going someone 100 percent energy and I'm not getting it in return, then I'd rather walk out here with my head held high knowing I stayed true to myself the whole way through.

"Even though I didn't find love, I found self-love and I wouldn't change myself for anyone, and I'm not saying Jake isn't a genuine guy but he's just not right for me."

The Birmingham lass and the handyman decided to chat about their differences on the beanbags.

During the conversation, Liberty explained to Jake exactly how she'd been feeling lately.

Jake said: "So what, shall we go our separate ways then?"

They hugged and wished each other well in their on-going quest for love and it looks like they won't be staying for the final.

Love Island airs weekdays at 9pm on ITV2.

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