Love Island fans want Callum to return after spotting hilarious ‘dig’ at Amber

Love Island 2019 viewers are petitioning for dumped islander Callum Macleod to make a return, after spotting what they believe to be a dig at co-star Amber Gill.

Callum was first to leave the ITV2 series this year on Friday, after Amber chose Anton Danyluk over him.

But fans want him back, more so after believing they spotted a subtle, yet not so subtle, dig aimed at Amber, who he was coupled up with.

Amber made it clear from the start that she wasn’t interested in him, but it was her rude comments about him that infuriated viewers.

In the second episode of the series, Amber was seen asking Callum about his sunglasses.

She quizzed him on whether he thought he suited the particular shades he was wearing, before mocking him and claiming she didn’t think they looked good.

But Callum clearly wasn’t fazed by Amber’s comments, or the fact that she was basically telling him to stop wearing them as they looked bad.

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Instead, the islander proceeded to wear them every day after that, and it didn’t go unnoticed by fans.

They hailed him a “legend” after noticing he was wearing them pretty much all day every day ever since Amber’s remarks.

He even had them on in the Beach Hut, while one amused viewer spotted him wearing the shades while brushing his teeth.

Fans said this alone meant he deserved to stay, as others praised him for ignoring Amber and hitting back at her by going against her views.

One fan said: “I’ve got so much time for Callum not taking his glasses for a second since Amber said they didn’t suit him.”

Another agreed: “Callum is really wearing the hell out of all his glasses since Amber said they don’t suit him.”

A third added: “Callum is taking the p**s outta Amber, the guy is even brushing his teeth with sunglasses on.”

Love Island airs all week at 9pm on ITV2.

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