Love Island finalists reunite as Liam & Millie team up with Chloe & Toby on house-hunt

LOVE Island winners Liam and Millie reunited with Chloe and Toby yesterday as they all went house-hunting.

Both the couples are planning on moving in together ASAP, but decided to stop for lunch together to re-fuel before looking at more houses.

Sharing a video of them all out for lunch, Chloe told her followers: “Look who we bumped into while apartment hunting.”

Liam and Millie initially said they weren’t going to live together for at least six months after winning the show.

The original plan was for the girls to rent somewhere in Essex and the boys to rent a place for themselves too.

But it seems they’ve had a change of heart, as Liam revealed yesterday: "We looked at 2 apartments today and we are looking at 2 more tomorrow and we will have a better idea of what we are going with!"

He added: "Exciting times ahead!"

Speaking previously about their plans, the Welsh hunk had said: "I love where I'm from but I would like to venture off and move to somewhere new and Essex seems like the perfect place really.

"I know some of the boys who were in the villa we got on so well and they mentioned moving in together and they’d like to move to Essex so that’s something I would definitely be considering and that’s my plan really, moving to Essex."

Millie agreed at the time, saying:“We haven’t been away from each other yet to miss each other and do those things that you do in normal relationships.

"But us girls [from the villa] will rent a house in Essex, boys will rent a house in Essex, see how that goes for six months and then get a crack on with it [moving in together]."

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