Love Island’s posh millionaire Ollie Williams exposed as bloodthirsty hunter who loves posing with dead animals – The Sun

LOVE Island toff Ollie Williams has been exposed as a bloodthirsty big game hunter who posed with an array of dead animals he killed in Africa.

The viscount-in-waiting, heir to the 2,000-acre Lanhydrock estate in Cornwall, has travelled to several foreign destinations to take part in hunts — even shooting endangered animals.

In now-deleted snaps, Ollie, 23, proudly poses beside a warthog, water buffalo and giant eland to promote his hunting business Cornish Sporting Agency.

The giant eland — a type of antelope — has been listed as vulnerable by the International Union for Conservation of Nature.

It has already vanished from The Gambia, Ghana, Ivory Coast and Togo.

In one of the photos, the reality star is seen kneeling and grinning beside a dead beast with the caption: “You’ve gotta love it when you put your binos up and see a bull like this on the other end!

“Another happy client with his awesome eland bull! Enquire on the website today!”

The Instagram account was deleted before it was announced Ollie would be in the new series of Love Island, starting on ITV2 tomorrow night.

The website for the agency, which was taken offline in November 2018, offered tailor-made hunting trips to Mozambique and South Africa, as well as bird shooting in the South West of England and deer stalking in New Zealand.

It boasted of being able to provide “an unforgettable sporting experience people from all over the world will cherish forever”.

The company was established in September 2017. Paperwork filed with Companies House lists Oliver Sebastian James Williams as its director.

A source said: “It’s disgusting. These are vulnerable animals. Why would you do that, let alone try and promote it? He’s so arrogant, so entitled and thinks he’s God’s gift to women.”

Last night a source close to Ollie tried to claim it was conservation work and that he had been “culling sick animals”.

Adventurer and TV presenter Ben Fogle said: “I have spent many years exploring the subject of big game animal hunting.

“And, although it is often excused by hunters as a ‘tool for conservation’, I find it difficult to stomach the notion of hunting for pleasure.

“I find it hard to relate to people who would pay money to kill a beautiful creature.

“Culls and animal management are, unfortunately, necessary but I think it should be left to professional experts rather than paying blood sport enthusiasts who kill for fun. I think we need to rethink our relationship with wild animals and show respect.

“I don’t think it is respectful to pose next to a dead animal that you have just shot. Where’s the empathy in that?”

ITV refused to comment.

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