Mark Wahlberg's fans go wild as hunky actor shows off his 'plumber's crack' and nearly full butt on Instagram

MARK Walhberg accidentally gave fans a good look at his butt when he tried to show off his new underwear, and pulled down his boxers at the same time.

The actor was revealing the new underwear line from Municipal, and stood in his home gym with his tee pulled up when he pulled down his sweat shorts.

Mark said: "Municipal… camoflage underwear," before turning around and trying to pull down the shorts but pulling down the bozers as well to shouts from his friends in the room.

Fans were quick to roast the star for his mistake, with one writing: "Plumber's crack swag!"

Others thanked him for distracting them from the ongoing election results while one joked: "Don't be shy, show us more."

His back was also riddled in polka dot marks, but he is a fan of cupping, a form of alternative medicine.

The Hollywood star, known for his love of eye-wateringly early 2am workouts, recently showed off the latest results of an intense exercise regime in new topless pics.

Mark, 49, took to Instagram to explain how he'd been immersed in "six months of performance-inspired nutrition".

This was coupled with Aquahydrate and F45 training – the latter of which is focused on functional workouts and circuit training.

In his caption, he shared further secrets to his muscular shape writing: "Clean eating. Inspired to be better team training/life changing."

The star was perhaps inspired by his allergy issues, as in late June he shared a picture of his back after an allergy test, with a number of raised red bumps, indicating an allergic reaction.

He captioned the snap: "It only took me 49 years to realize I’m allergic to almost everything."

Earlier this year, Mark was answering questions from fans on Instagram and shared a snapshot of what his typical schedule looks like.

The Fighter star says that he rises at 2.30am, prays and has his first meal of the day at 3.15am.

He then works out from 3.40-5.15am – when most people still aren't even up.

His whole day is then filled with fitness and re-fuelling, making for a very active 24 hours.

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