'Masked Singer' Season 6: Here Are All the Costumes Revealed – So Far

Fifteen out of 16 have been revealed — with the final unveiling to come during next week’s premiere

Fox Media

“The Masked Singer” debuts its sixth season next Wednesday and Fox has given fans a first look at almost all of the costumed contestants who will be competing this time around. And TheWrap has rounded them all up for your whosungit-sleuthing pleasure.

Season 6 of the Fox singing competition will boast a lineup of 16 contestants, with the 15 already-announced costumes being Baby, Dalmatian, Cupcake, Hamster, Mallard, Queen of Hearts, Bull, Beach Ball, Banana Split, Pepper, Caterpillar, Skunk, Octopus, Jester and Mother Nature. Lucky No. 16 will not be shown to viewers until “The Masked Singer” Season 6 premiere next Tuesday at 8/7c on Fox.

Some of those competitors listed above, like Baby (which was exclusively unveiled by TheWrap), will be Wildcard contestants who come in to shake up the competition, while others will be parts of the main Groups A and B lineups that are competing in their respective division throughout the whole season until the winners of each group go up against each other in a “Super Bowl”-style finale.

This is a big change for “The Masked Singer,” which has featured as many as four groups in past seasons, which were brought together during the season after initial cuts were made.

Why shake things up this much? Well, according to Fox alternative chief Rob Wade, while “The Masked Singer” model certainly works, a chance to play with the NFL’s AFC-NFC model was too fun to pass up.

“I think as a viewing experience, it’s not going to differ so much from the earlier seasons, like Seasons 1 and 2… but I just think it’s a really nice idea of there being these ‘winners,’ if you will, in their own divisions, sort of copying the NFL’s AFC-NFC model,” Wade previously told TheWrap. “And then they come together for one great Super Bowl at the end. That’s what attracted us to it.”

See below for your first looks at the 15 costumes that have been revealed so far, while you await the unveiling of the sixth costume on next week’s Season 6 premiere.

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