McMillions on Sky: Who is FBI Agent Doug Matthews? Where is he now?

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McMillions, styled McMillion$, follows the story of the largest of fraud in US History. The story of how Jerry Jacobson and his associates defrauded McDonald’s of $24 million through the game McDonald’s monopoly was under reported in the press due to the events of 9/11. Directors of McMillions Lee Hernandez and Brian Lazarte came across the story reading a Reddit thread and made a documentary shining a light on the case and FBI Agent Doug Mathews became the docuseries breakout star. has everything you need to know.

Who is FBI Agent Doug Mathews?

FBI Agent Doug Mathews was just a rookie at the time his attention was brought to a potential McDonald’s Monopoly Scam.

Mathew’s was stationed at the FBI’s Jacksonville, Florida office and had been investigating white-collar crimes in healthcare when he came across a note on a colleague, Rick Dent, desk that read ‘McDonald’s Monopoly fraud?”

After following up on the tip, Matthews realised that three people from the same family had won the $1 million grand prize.

After raising his findings with Assistant US Attorney Mark Devereaux, the FBI launched a formal investigation.

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As the investigation, known as Operation Final Answer grew, Mathews dreams came true and he found himself going undercover, despite having no training or previous experience in undercover work.

Mathews posted as an interviewer hired by McDonald’s to revisit all of the past winners.

He was tasked with recovering information about the winners and what they had spent their winnings on.

Matthews from an unintentional breakout star from the documentary, mainly for his humour, enthusiasm and eccentric ways.

Directors Hernandez and Lazarte told “Well, you know he is a star.

“Whether he knows it or not, but he is exactly how he is on screen 24 hours a day.

“Imagine. He goes to bed, you know, with that same like personality wakes up ‘like I had a dream. Let me tell you about it’ He is like that.

“I mean, every interview we sat down with him was multiple, multiple hours.

“And he never had a moment where he was like ‘I need to take a break guys’ or anything like that he could have kept going as the sun not gone down.”

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They added: “Talking to the people, learning more about the people and then just talking to, especially Doug Matthew’s, and you realise ‘wow, these, these, these characters, these people are just naturally they’re just funny and interesting and quirk’.

“And so we really leaned into that and thinking life is often a comical, tragic and an adventure.

“And we wanted to be able to walk that line of being able to be funny and let people be funny without making fun of them just naturally letting their
comedy you know, their comedic thought process shine through and then we can stop on a dime and turn back to something being very serious.”


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Where is FBI Agent Doug Mathews now?

FBI Agent Doug Mathews is still working for the FBI, almost 20 years after the McDonald’s Monopoly scam was made public.

He declined an officer by Janet Pelliciotti to join the FBI’s undercover team.

Not very much is known about his personal life or exactly what kind of work he is doing today.

According to, Mathews continues to work on fraud cases in South Carolina.

Greenville News, a local news agency, recently reported Mathews helped take down a scam that was targeting US veterans.

McMillions airs Tuesday, May 26 on Sky Documentaries and HBO

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