Netflix fans praise Simon Pegg’s performance in Lily Collins film Inheritance

Viewers have all had a very similar response to Lily Collin‘s film Inheritance, currently streaming on Netflix. The movie sees Lily play Lauren Monroe, the daughter of a wealthy political figure who has recently passed away – but it was a different character that sparked a reaction from fans.

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Taking to social media, viewers commented on Simon Pegg‘s performance in the film as Morgan Warner, a stranger who had been held in captivity for thirty years.

Simon Pegg as Morgan in Inheritance

Many were surprised by his psychotic character, a change from his usual comedic performances. One person tweeted: “Really enjoyed #inheritance on @netflix. I first saw @simonpegg on tour with #stevecoogan and have loved everything he’s done since. Never thought I want to see more of a psychotic #simonpegg. Brilliant film.”

A second person wrote: “OMG!! @simonpegg in Inheritance!! Definitely a must watch film!”, while a third commented: “Watched #inheritance on netflix flipping good film @simonpegg wow what a performance, totally different character, brilliant.”

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The film tells the story of Archer Monroe, a wealthy politician who has recent passed away and whose estate is divided among his family. However, the division of the inheritance does not go smoothly, and Lauren eventually finds prisoner Morgan and soon discovers a secret murder that her father has kept hidden for years.

Lily Collins is also starring in Emily In Paris on Netflix

Patrick Warburton plays the role of patriarch Archer, while Lily Collins plays the daughter Lauren. Meanwhile, Gossip Girl star Chase Crawford plays Archer’s son William and Gladiator star Connie Nielsen plays Archer widow, Catherine.

Netflix users have had plenty of Lily Collins content recently after her latest series, Emily In Paris, landed on the streaming service earlier this month. The series follows a young American woman, Emily Cooper, as she moves to the City of Love to work in marketing and social media. The show has proved a huge hit with viewers and has quickly become one of the most-watched series.

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