Patrick Stump Credits Spidey and His Amazing Friends for Helping Him Become Cool Dad

The Fall Out Boy frontman reveals that his his two children, Declan and Antero, are so excited he penned the music for Marvel animated series, including the ‘frenetic’ theme song.

AceShowbizFall Out Boy frontman Patrick Stump‘s kids are thrilled he has penned the music for Marvel animated series “Spidey and His Amazing Friends”.

The singer wrote and performed all the tracks for the upcoming superhero show, including the “frenetic” theme song, which has scored big points with his two children, Declan and Antero, who he shares with wife Elisa Yao.

“My kids are so excited, and I definitely think this is the coolest I’m ever gonna be with them,” Stump says in a promotional video for Billboard. “It’s a dream come true, and hopefully you can hear that in the music.”

And it was a pretty cool experience for the “Sugar, We’re Goin Down” hitmaker, too.

“I am such a big Spidey fan,” he adds. “The theme song for ‘Spidey and His Amazing Friends’, you couldn’t pull me away from the studio after I recorded it because I just wanted to add more stuff. I was just so excited. There’s a certain frenetic energy to Spidey – and the webs swinging – that I just wanted to put into it. So it was all of those things sped up and made overexcited, because that’s how I was feeling.”

Stump learned to play the trombone, French horn, and trumpet especially for the job and had fun assigning each character a unique music motif.

“The really fun ones for me were Green Goblin – I was thinking about this troll, polka-kinda feel because he’s scary but also weird. He’s a very strange villain,” he explains. “My favourite one hands-down was Black Panther. I had to do the talking drum, I just had to reference it. It’s incredible. I get to write music for all these characters that I’ve been attached to since I was a little kid.”

“Spidey and His Amazing Friends” will debut on U.S. cable networks Disney Channel and Disney Junior on August 6.

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