Peston debate descends into chaos as MPs lock horns on Paterson ‘Just partisan nonsense!’

Owen Paterson: Buckland clashes with Allin-Khan on Peston

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Robert Buckland and Dr Rosena Allin-Khan clashed over the ruling of Owen Paterson not having to serve a 30-day suspension after having been found to have broken parliamentary conduct rules. Dr Allin-Khan dissed the Tory party for having “one rule for them and one rule for the rest of us”, an attack Mr Buckland dismissed as “partisan nonsense”. The Commons voted to change rules on the way MPs’ conduct is policed on Wednesday.

Speaking on ITV Peston, Dr Allin-Khan said: “This is corruption, plain and simple.

“The amendment was Trumpism on speed.

“Well, that’s exactly what it was. Absolutely.


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She went on: “That happened to the Tories.

“If somebody had broken all of the work rules and have been found to do exactly what Owen Paterson did? You then get rid of the HR department?”

Host Anushka Asthana asked: “But shouldn’t there be a right of appeal?”

Dr Allin-Khan said in response: “All the evidence was presented.


“Chris Bryant from the Standards Committee said that they read through all of the witness statements. 

“Ultimately, this comes back to the nub of everything that is Tory party’s about-one rule for them. And one rule for the rest of us. 

“I’m happy with the system as it was. There was nothing wrong with it.

“It was it was cross-party. There were Tory MPs, Labour MPs and it was an independent process.”

Robert Buckland then said: “I was on the committee for two and a half years. Quite a while ago, the system has evolved 

“I think in a perfect world, we should be doing this without events like the one of today, but this is how Parliament sometimes.

“I’m sorry, Rosana, what you said is a travesty of the truth.

The Labour MP said: “I’m sorry I don’t believe it for a minute.”  

Tory MPs voted to shake up the standards watchdog and blocked the suspension of Owen Paterson after he was found to have broken lobbying rules. 

But on Thursday, leader of the House of Commons Jacob Rees-Mogg confirmed the changes agreed on would not be go ahead until cross-party agreement could be reached in an embarrassing U-turn.

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