Peter Andre 'unhappy' at being dragged into Coleen Rooney v Rebekah Vardy row over kiss and tell about his 'chipolata'

PETER Andre is reportedly unhappy about having his willy dragged into the row between Rebekah Vardy and Coleen Rooney.

The 47-year-old star was the subject of a kiss-and-tell story where Becky, 38, said he was "hung like a small chipolata".

Now, Coleen's lawyers have used the 2001 interview with the News of the World to "prove she's a serial leaker".

But a source told New magazine that Pete, who has never commented on the claims, believed he should not be involved.

The insider told the mag, where the star has a column: "Pete doesn't understand why he's been dragged into this.

"It's nothing to do with him. This is between Coleen and Rebekah."

Explosive legal documents filed at the High Court showed Coleen’s lawyers have accused Rebekah of leaking private stories about other celebs.

The files include details about Rebekah’s 2001 interview with the Sunday paper where she opened up about her night of passion with the star.

The documents state: “The Claimant sold her story to The News of the World in exchange for disclosing private information about Peter Andre, the singer, who had just achieved enormous public attention through his successful appearance on 'I’m a Celebrity'.

“The interview was published in print in The News of the World on 14 March 2004 on page 45, entitled 'Peter’s hung like a small chipolata, shaved, slobbery, lasts 5 minutes… then falls asleep'.

“In the interview, the Claimant disclosed amongst other things that (i) she had sexual intercourse with Peter Andre in November 2001, and that it lasted just five minutes.

“ii) Peter Andre had 'the smallest trouser equipment I’ve ever seen' that was 'like a miniature chipolata'.

“(iii) That he 'had absolutely no hairs on his body'; and (iv) he 'slaver[ed]” like one of her boxer dogs when he kissed her.'"

The court documents also say that Rebekah sat behind Coleen at Euro 2016 to “maximise media attention”.

Last October, mum-of-four Coleen claimed in a bombshell social media post that one of her friends was leaking stories about her.

She wrote: “After a long time of trying to figure out who it could be for various reasons, I had a suspicion.”

Coleen claimed she posted a string of false stories via her Instagram account with restricted access to see if they appeared in the media, which they did.

She then said the fake stories had only been viewed by one person, and ended dramatically "it’s . . . Rebekah Vardy’s account", which Rebekah has denied.

The case is unlikely to reach a full trial until next year at the earliest.

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