Piers Morgan says Vinnie Jones interview is 'emotional and powerful'

Piers Morgan has called his upcoming Life Stories interview with Vinnie Jones his most ’emotional’ one yet.

The Good Morning Britain host will welcome back the former footballer to show to discuss his turbulent past 12 months, following the sad death of wife Tanya from cancer last year.

In doing so, Vinnie will become the first-ever Life Stories guest to return for a second interview, and Piers is already calling their on-screen reunion a must-watch.

Speaking of the new episode, Piers said: ‘When I interviewed Vinnie on GMB after Tanya died, it was one of the most emotional interviews we’ve ever had on the show.

‘So, I think it’s guaranteed to be very emotional for obvious reasons but I also think it’s going to be incredibly inspiring too. Vinnie is very keen about trying to help others who are going through the same hell he has been going through.’

The pair have known each other for 30 years, since Piers got his start as a reporter and Vinnie was best-known for being a footballer, before transitioning into a film-career that saw him sharing the screen with Hugh Jackman and Halle Berry in X-Men: The Last Stand, and viewers can count on the interview addressing the ‘new life’ Vinnie finds himself living following Tanya’s death.

‘The last time I interviewed Vinnie on Life Stories, Tanya was sitting in the audience,’ he said.

‘But as he says, his life has now been two lives. One with Tanya, and one that he is trying to build now after Tanya. And I think that’s going to make for a very powerful show.’

In a preview for the interview – which kickstarts the new run of Life Stories next week – Vinnie can be seen visibly tearing up.

Comparing the ups and downs of her cancer battle to ‘a trampoline’, Vinnie tells Piers: ‘I’d let her down so many times, but she’d catch me.

‘And it was so much, many times, it was like catching a falling star. She never once, Piers, wouldn’t put her arms out and catch me.’ 

Vinnie and Tanya were married for 27 years, having first met in childhood, both shared children with other people.

When Life Stories returns, it will also include Piers sitting down with national treasure Sir Tom Moore, who raised millions for the NHS during the height of lockdown earlier this year.

Piers Morgan’s Life Stories returns 13 September on ITV.

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