Piers Morgan WILL return to TV and 'expensive' star is still in talks for GB News, reveals Andrew Neil

PIERS Morgan WILL return to TV and is still in talks for GB News, chairman Andrew Neil has revealed.

It comes after the veteran broadcaster said he would be "delighted" to bag the former Good Morning Britain star for the start-up channel.

Andrew, 72, said he hasn't pinned down Piers yet but is still trying.

Speaking to This Morning ahead of Sunday's GB News launch, Holly Willoughby asked: "So who are the presenters?

"The reason we're asking is we want to know if Piers will be on."

Andrew replied: "They are the best of British, but no he's not in the line-up on Sunday night we're still in talks.

"The problem, is your bosses here are paying him too much to do nothing!"

Phillip Schofield, 58, previously warned Andrew, who was appearing on This Morning as part of the news review: "He won't come cheap."

The former BBC star laughed: "You mean he'll want more than a lucky bag and six corn flakes packet tops?"

GB News is a new British news channel which Andrew has confirmed will launch on Sunday.

Earlier this year the channel launched a recruitment drive for 140 jobs at the star of the year.

Piers has warned his critics that his loss of employment status was just a "temporary hibernation".

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