Rachel Dratch Joins Forces With Ana Gasteyer for Holiday Comedy ‘A Clusterfunke Christmas’

The former ‘Saturday Night Live’ stars will write, executive produce and star in the Anna Dokoza-directed movie, which also has Vella Lovell, Cheyenne Jackson and Ryan McPartlin in the cast ensemble.

AceShowbiz -Former “Saturday Night Live” stars Rachel Dratch and Ana Gasteyer have teamed up to write, executive produce, and star in new holiday comedy “A Clusterfunke Christmas“.

The parody of the traditional TV movie holiday romance will star Vella Lovell, Cheyenne Jackson, and Ryan McPartlin, with Anna Dokoza directing. Joining Dratch and Gasteyer as executive producers are Danielle von Zerneck of Wishing Floor Films; Jamie Goehring and Shawn Williamson of Lighthouse Pictures; and Meghan Hooper and Josh Van Houdt of MTV Entertainment Studios.

The MTV film, which has started shooting in Vancouver, Canada, follows the exploits of a New York real estate executive who attempts to buy a small town inn and transform it into a hip resort. Gasteyer and Dratch will play the inn’s reluctant owners. Lovell, in the meantime, will tackle the role of the real estate executive, and Jackson will portray the owners’ hunky nephew.

Speaking about the movie, Dratch and Gasteyer said in a joint statement, “It feels like a Christmas miracle to work together to create the ultimate holiday TV movie homage.”

“We’re whipping up a punchy seasonal cocktail with insider insight from holiday film vets Danielle von Zerneck and Michael Murray, the keen eye of Anna Dokoza, and brimming with ribbons, townsfolk, and tropes,” the twosome added, “All against the classic festive backdrop of Vancouver in July!”

Gasteyer has additionally expressed her excitement over the film project via social media. In an Instagram post about the movie, she wrote, “I am so happy and proud!!!! Merry Christmas in July, everyone!!!”

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