Ranvir Singh told give up your job as GMB star seeks help from sleep doctor

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Good Morning Britain star Ranvir Singh has revealed that a leading sleep expert once told her that the only way to get on top of her sleep pattern would be to ‘give up’ her early morning job.

Ranvir made the admission as she guest anchored Loose Women during a discussion about whether lack of sleep could be dangerous for our health.

The TV presenter and political reporter, who described herself as eternally “sleep-deprived,” told her co-stars: “I did a sleep documentary and they were saying that one of the problems with shift workers – and essentially getting up at 3am is shift work – is that it sends your circadian rhythm into a shock.”

The mum-of-one continued to say: “So the temperature of your organs drops a little bit and that is why shift workers over time, you know when pop science tells you in the papers that you lose years off your life, it's because your organs are continually being slightly shocked.”

After hearing the research, Ranvir went on to ask one of the leading experts in the field if they had any helpful advice for how she could organise her sleep pattern to keep her health in check.

However, his answer left her shocked, as she revealed: “I saw a sleep expert from Oxford University for the documentary and I said, 'What can you do to help me?' thinking he'd have some advice and he said, ‘you need to give up your job!’”

Further opening up about how she worries her early starts could have serious health repercussions in the future, the Strictly Come Dancing star confessed: “I worry about a lack of sleep, though, over the years.”

She added: “Because apparently when you sleep well and regularly it washes out the proteins from your brain, and there are studies that say a buildup of proteins is linked to Alzheimer’s.”

“So I really do genuinely worry about it now in a health way.”

Earlier in the show, Ranvir also told viewers that she’d recently tested out a sleep app, which gives a detailed analysis of how much – or how little – sleep you are having each evening.

She explained: “I tracked mine last night. You put it on by the bed and you set what time you’re going to wake up, and somehow it tracks your breathing and how often you’re awake.”

“I woke up four times during the night and it took me 34 minutes to go to sleep, but apparently I had 83% good quality sleep.”

Ranvir then added that after almost a decade of 3am alarm clocks, her body is so in tune to waking up early that she no longer has to set an alarm

When asked by co-star Katie Piper about her morning routine, Ranvir answered: “I always wake up at 3am now, 3.17.”

“I can wake up for a GMB shift without an alarm – how mad is that! I will literally always wake up without an alarm.”

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