Rick and Morty season 4: Evil Morty to return alongside new character in shock twist?

Rick and Morty (voiced by Justin Roiland) fans will remember the role of Evil Morty progressed dramatically in season three episode Tales From The Citadel. The episode saw him become a murderous dictator, killing every Rick in the shadow council who opposed him. However, it seems he could make a comeback in season four causing even more turmoil in the Channel 4 hit.

Reddit user AnWitlessWit suspects that Morty and Evil Morty are more connected than first thought.

The fan suspects the pair are actually the same person from a split timeline which could be explored in the next season.

The user explained: “Evil Morty and Morty C-137 are alternate versions of each other. They are both Evil Morty in different timelines.

“Their capacity for evil comes from their respective Rick’s who are known to be ‘The Rickest Rick’s’ in the finite curve and to quote the series.”


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However, the theory comes with a twist, revealing Evil Morty may not be so evil after all and the pair may be more disconnected than they seem on the surface.

The fan added: “The only reason why Morty C-137 isn’t Evil Morty,

“is because of the freeze in time, during which he would’ve developed into Evil Morty if he had that time to progress.

“But instead he had a change of heart when Rick displayed a moment of self-sacrifice when piecing the universe back together.”

“It just so happens that one of the pieces in that split reality had Rick doing what a Rickest Morty would take as unthinkable.

“Thus confirming for a potentially “Evil” Morty that a Rick can care for a Morty, something that the Evil Morty firmly believes to be false and drives his ambitions.”

The theory comes after the trailer revealed there will be a new character called Glootie (Taika Waititi). 

Adult Swim released a clip from season four earlier this year around the time of San Diego Comic Con.


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In the short video, Morty lashes out at the new character after a conversation with Jerry (Chris Parnell) takes a sudden turn.

New alien Glootie seems to trick the teen and Jerry causing the new character to become controversial from the beginning.

Jerry tells Glootie to take down the app but the alien says he’s simply an intern and launch day has gone very wrong.

Glootie’s words prompt Morty to destroy the computers in the room in a bid to shut down the app but it seems to fail.


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The squishy purple alien causes more frustration as Morty grabs him and slaps him around.

“This isn’t how making things work works,” Glootie tells them.

However, Morty doesn’t give up: “Get it off the server! You think we’re stupid but we’re not. We know apps have something to do with servers!”

Suddenly, the creature starts beeping as it looks like he’s carrying a bomb.

Jerry and Morty run out of the room but when there’s no explosion, they return to find Glootie trying to escape out of the window.

Rick and Morty season 4 will be airing on Adult Swim in November and Channel 4 

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