RuPaul’s Drag Race UK queen says her name is a spin on ex’s horrific insults

RuPaul's Drag Race UK queen A'Whora has explained where her unique name comes from, revealing she's using it as a way to reclaim the insults her ex threw at her.

The northern queen is hoping to bring her high fashion to the masses through the show and shine a more exclusive light on the word "wh**e".

Speaking to Daily Star during a special virtual lunch with the cast, A'Whora explained her drag name is a way to turn something negative into a positive.

"The actual name, there's many ways it came about of course," she said, "but the actual main reason is because of the way I dress I was called a 'wh**e' as a boy by an ex and I thought, 'Why is the word wh**e used so derogatory and made everyone feel like it's such a bad thing?'

"A wh**e can be many different things. So I thought I'm gonna brand myself as a wh**e, but replicate it in the finest ways and look the most expensive way possible, so that no-one can touch and no-one can afford.

"I was like, you know what? There it is. I'm trying to bring a light and more exclusivity to the term and not make it as affordable."

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And it's not just exquisite fashion and conceptual looks that the talented drag queen is bringing to the show, it seems.

A'Whora revealed she has a secret skill up her sleeve that will put the other queens to shame – well, maybe.

"I spoke to [co-star] Lawrence [Chaney] on the show, and Lawrence was like, 'Girl, do you have any tricks under your belt?'" she explained.

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"It's 2021, we've seen the death drops, we've seen the splits, we've seen it all, so I'm here to change the game.

"I'm gonna deliver you a roly-poly. A mean roly-poly."

She laughed and added: "I'm gonna be at the Olympics in full drag – roly-poly."

Comedy queen Lawrence announced: "I thought it was a jam roly-poly at first – I'm disappointed."

The Drag Race queens usually only have to show off their performance skills if they find themselves in the bottom two and have to lip-sync for their lives.

Will A'Whora find herself forced to lip-sync for her life – and will a roly-poly be enough to save her if she is?

RuPaul's Drag Race UK kicks off on Thursday, January 14 at 7pm on BBC iPlayer

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