Sex is great so why is it 'shameful'? Everyone does it, says Lottie Moss

WHEN supermodel Kate Moss’s little sister Lottie signed up to X-rated ­website OnlyFans this year, the fashion world went into meltdown – and the youngster was promptly dropped by her modelling agency.

But the bubbly 23-year-old stuck to her guns and continued to post racy nude shots online — and now, in an exclusive interview with The Sun on Sunday, she urges society to lighten up, declaring: “Sex is great.”

The eloquent blonde, who has appeared on the cover of fashion bible Vogue magazine and featured in ad campaigns for high-end fashion house Chanel, feels more in control of her image than ever.

She said: “I do OnlyFans and I feel like it’s always been stigmatised as dirty and ­disgusting, but sex is great. Sex should be fun and light and a good conversation topic. Everyone has sex, so why should it be shameful?

“It’s something everyone does in the morning. When they wake up, everyone brushes their teeth and everyone has sex. Not at the same time . . .  well, maybe. It depends on the position! I’m very sex-positive.”

Lottie, who had a boob job and lip fillers two years ago, started her photoshoots in racy lingerie when she was living in LA last winter — much to the ­dismay of her agency Storm Models.

She said: “It’s funny, because I ­got fired from my agency for starting on OnlyFans and then they ­invited me back. I thought, ‘Yeah, if you grovel I will come back. Why not?’

“But it is something that needs to be spoken about because you can’t get away with things like that. In five years’ time people will be sorry they ever went against it. And then OnlyFans models will be on the cover of Vogue.”

'The people I date are very accepting'

Lottie revealed during an Instagram Live session last year that she is “pansexual” — attracted to all genders — adding: “It kinda changes every day as well.

"It depends on who I meet.”

Having once been linked to I’m A Celeb star Roman Kemp, 28, and Made In Chelsea’s Sam Prince, 24, Lottie has been dating Tristan Evans, drummer with rock band The Vamps, for two months.

Talking about the relationship for the first time, Lottie said 27-year-old Tristan supports her career path.

She revealed: “The people I date are very accepting of my choices, and if not, the door is that way.”

The next step on her career path is promoting testing app iPlaySafe, which aims to help its members embrace their sexual health and banish the stigma associated with sexually transmitted infections.

‘Safe and harmless’

Lottie said: “It’s so important to get tested and know the status of your sexual partners.

“Tristan is the kind of guy that would be proud to get tested, or would come to me with this app and be like, ‘Have you heard of this?’ I wouldn’t get along with someone who didn’t want to promote sexual health.”

Lottie has also opened up about being affected by Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

She said: “I was diagnosed with ADHD this year. Knowing about it and being on the right medication has changed my life — and it could save someone else’s.

“There is a lot of anxiety, depression and substance abuse that comes with having ADHD, just as a result of not knowing you have it or being misdiagnosed.

“So if you have a hunch that you or someone you know might have ADHD, or you just want to know more about it, please go to a doctor because it can be really serious.”

I’d like to start my own OnlyFans management ­company.

Lottie would like to follow her big sister Kate into model management, promoting female empowerment.

She said: “I’d like to start my own OnlyFans management ­company.

“There are a lot of men who manage the girls and I know a lot of them that haven’t had good ­experiences. Women are taken advantage of, so that’s something I’d like to do in the future — and maybe even my own range of sex toys and condoms.”

Lottie, who charges ­punters £14 a month to view racy content and up to £1,000 for a naked video, has only good things to say about her experience on the ­platform.

She said: “It’s so safe and harmless. My manager calls it the ultimate girlfriend experience.

“The people I speak to on it just want somebody to talk to.

‘Breaks down barriers’

“A lot of them are lonely or from a small town and it’s nice for them to have someone.

“I just have conversations with ­people. I’m such a social butterfly as well, so that comes very easily to me.”

While Lottie has always shied away from reality TV, despite being pals with many of the Made In Chelsea cast, she recently teamed up with former stripper and Love Islander Megan Barton Hanson for a sizzling photoshoot.

Lottie gushed: “Megan is one of the sweetest girls ever. She said to me, ‘Thank you for everything you’ve done for sex workers’, because she worked in the sex industry and then Love Island.

I used to shoot Chanel and now I’m doing this, so why can’t anyone else?

“She said, ‘You have made people see it a bit more seriously because someone who’s come from Vogue is now doing OnlyFans’.

“It breaks down the barriers. A lot of girls say to me, ‘I’d love to do OnlyFans but because I have a boyfriend or my work wouldn’t allow me to, I can’t’.

“I always say, ‘Just do it’. I used to shoot Chanel and now I’m doing this, so why can’t anyone else?”

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